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Perl Logo Perl:
  • Practical Extraction and Reporting Language
  • Perl is a general-purpose programming language that was developed by Larry Wall. First released in 1987, Perl was originally developed for text manipulation but is now used for wide range of tasks. Perl has become a popular language for writing CGI scripts and is easy to use for building and testing simple programs...



"Perl is the Swiss Army chainsaw of scripting languages: powerful and adaptable."
(From O'Reilly's Beginner's Introduction to Perl)


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"I programmed for the most part in the first year or so in Perl; and Craigslist, these days, it's pretty much all Perl."
- Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist
(in a July 2008 interview by Timothy M. O'Brien at the Personal Democracy Forum in New York)


Wirth's Law:    "Software is getting slower more rapidly than hardware becomes faster."




Y = CX^2 + B
Perl Parabola 12-25-2007
pico parabola.pl
perl parabola.pl -2 3
cat parabola.data
plot "parabola.data"
# experimenting with a parabola 12-25-2007
# c is the concavity of the parabola
# Y = CX^2 + B
# B is the intercept with the Y axis
# ARGV is argument variable containing the arguments
# to the program on the command line
$c = $ARGV[0]; $b = $ARGV[1]; open (filehandle, ">parabola.data");
for ( $x = -10; $x<=10; $x=$x+.1 )
       $y = $c * $x * $x + $b;
       print filehandle $x, " ", $y, "\n";
close (filehandle);




Perl Camel Basics

Under UNIX, Perl acts like a shell interpreter.
Most UNIX systems store Perl in /usr/bin/perl


In Perl, numbers and strings are the basic unit of conversation and are called scalars. Scalars that represent information that does not change over the life of the program are called constants or literals. Examples of literals are pi (3.14159265...), the name of the fourth planet from the sun (Mars), or the absolute limit of causal interation (299,792,458 metres per second [1,079,252,849 km/h]).

In Perl, scalars that change are called scalar variables. You can change the contents of a variable because they merely act as as handles for the data they represent. Variable are usually given convenient and easy-to-remember names that allow you to easily refer to the data you are manipulating.


Perl Camel - Small Perl Operators


Perl Camel - Small Simple bits of Code:

Hello, world!
   print "Hello, world!\n"; 



Current Time
# file: time.pl
  $time = localtime;
  print "The time is now $time\n";



A Simple Calculator

while(<STDIN>) {
    $i = $_; chomp($i); unless($i) { last }
    $o = eval($i); print "Answer = $o\n";






Perl Camel - Small Perl References and Related Stuff:




A Really Bad Computer Day This site best viewed with a Computer and a Monitor!



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  25. Ghostscript, Gohstview, and GSview
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  29. HTML Character Set by Walter Ian Kaye
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