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Like everyone else I've had my fair-share of bad experiences with bad businesses - Everything from price gouging and poor service to outright theft and deceit. Don't get me wrong, I have a lot of respect for the vast majority of businesses out there that are working hard to do the right thing - it's just that small percentage of "bad apples" that have taken advantage of, ignored, or cheated me (and my friends and family) that I plan on listing here. But, for what purpose? Admittedly mostly to "vent" a bit but, also, to help others avoid having to deal with the same unscrupulous businesses that could do harm to them and others.



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Comcast First a disclaimer: Other than generic voice and DSL from the telephone company (whos name has changed three times since I became a subscriber here in Colorado in the 70s...) I have never subscribed to Comcast or any other cable service. Nevertheless, I have a "ton" of experience with Comcast and other cable companies through my various jobs, friends, family and neighbors. In a nutshell, Comcast is a bloated, overpriced monopoly that's relatively immune to government regulation, competition, or customer complaints. In my neighborhood, just west of Denver, their sales people persist in coming to my door to convince me that their huge prices, lousy service, and commercial saturated programming is something I can't live without - reminding me that I'm just one of two or three holdouts on my block who don't subscribe. When I ask them to guarantee me a low subscription price they just laugh. I'm not a sheep - I don't care how many of my neighbors subscribe to Comcast's miserable service I'm not signing-up.
For some history, Comcast was established in 1963, and is now a global media and technology company. Comcast operates two main businesses; the first, and what most people associate the company with, is Comcast Cable (known as "Xfinity") - which is the the largest video, high-speed Internet and phone provider for residential and business use in our country. Xfinity has a combined residential and business customer base of about 50 million users (as of this entry in 2018). Under the Comcast name there is also the venture capital firm Comcast Ventures and the sports and entertainment company Comcast-Spectacor. Comcast's other primary business is NBCUniversal, only one of the world's leading media and entertainment companies that manages the namesake television network and movie production company, as well as specialty channels like USA Network, Syfy, E!, CNBC, MSNBC, Bravo, and more. In summary, Comcast is a huge, expensive, inefficient, monopoly!


World Lock Parcom
The domain name for the Colorado QRP Club, www.CQC.org, was stolen in March, 2015 - well over six months before it was due to be renewed. The Colorado QRP Club had owned this domain name since 1998 when they first created it before anyone else. The webhost and registrar, at the time of the theft was Parcom.net - wowrack was the parent company, at that time, and neither provided any assistance in protecting the club's domain name or recovering it. The Colorado QRP Club filed complaints with ICANN, the Washington State Attorney General's office (where the registrar was located at the time of the theft), and the various webhosting companies and registrars associated with the club's domain name since it was stolen (it appears to have been sold a few times since then...). From what the club learned, at this point, is that the club would need a court order, and the assistance of an attorney, to recover the domain name. Please contact the club's webmaster, or any of the club's officers, if you can help. Until then, the club will continue using www.coloradoQRPclub.org until they're able to recover its domain name. Thank you, everyone, for your assistance and support!
- WBØJNR, CQC Webmaster and Treasurer





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