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Roger J. Wendell
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The graphic, below, is my email address. (You can also see it in the green business card on this page as well). I apologize for the inconvenience of not having a "clickable" link but with over 500 web pages, and a dozen domain names, I receive more than my share of spam email each day!!
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Buisness Card Roger J. Wendell - 04-30-2017 Your Privacy!

Please don't get me wrong, I really do encourage free speech, open dialogue, and an exchange of ideas no matter how foreign or opposite my own views - I love to learn and am generally interested in what others have to think or say. Because such communications can be interesting or of value to others, I sometimes post those missives here on my website. But, I want to assure you, I never post an identifiable name (or call sign in the case of Ham Radio operators) without your permission!.

However, I do make one exception to this rule - if your message to me is nasty or threatening I reserve the right to post it (and your name) without permission or notification. Since my pages first started appearing on the Internet (in 1998) I have received the occasional hate mail, profanity-laced message, and even death threats from people who simply don't like my pages or are opposed to what I believe in and stand for. In those cases, I sometimes post their message if I think others will find it interesting or of a public safety value. Of course, I recognize death threats and other nasty messages are usually sent in disguise, but, it can still be instructive to see what lengths a small minority will go to crush views that aren't "politically correct" or similar to their own...

- Roger J. Wendell
   Golden, Colorado


Mobile: 720-443-3944
Spam P.O. Box 17174
Golden, Colorado
80402-6019 USA



Ringo Starr Email - August 2000 Use an Echo Email Processor for testing purposes:
A message sent to an echo mailer will be "bounced" or "echoed" back to where it originated.
After some system information, you will find your complete original email with all header lines
in the body, making it easy to spot possible errors or oddities.
Here are two that I've used with great success:
[email protected] (University of Vienna)
[email protected] (I. T. Consultancy Limited - returns only the first 50 lines of your message)
Note: For many years (well over a decade!) I used [email protected] but they seemed to have gone out of "business" by the end of 2017...




My first email accounts, circa 1990

One of my first "real" email accounts was [email protected] in 1990. Prior to that I had held a number of temporary accounts with both Prodigy and CompuServe using a dial-up modem to access their message centers/bulletin boards. Even back then, in the late 80s, there was "spam" but I think most of it was actually authorized by these companies as a form of revenue. To hold a long-term account, with either, required a financial commitment (subscription) so I always opted for the various 30 day "trial" accounts. Back in the late 80s I did subscribe to a couple of local "bulletin boards" - each requiring access with a dial-up modem and, again, bordering on impossible to communicate with other users in different systems.
By the end of the first millennium (1998) I acquired my own domain name where I was able to assign myself an unlimitted amount of email addresses. However, with each new email address came a deluge of spam so I eventually moved onto different email providers to cut down on my workload - they, happily, "thinned out" the bulk of spam for me.
Interestingly, it was about 15 years before I got involved with Prodigy and CompuServe that I was in the military using NAVCOMPARS (Naval Communications Processing and Routing System) in the mid to late 70s. Granted, this was well before the internet era but it was a state-of-the-art system that allowed the unit(s) I was working at to communicate (by teletype) with most government and military operations around the world. I'm sure the Russians and Chinese had easy access to the system but there were pretty sophisticated encryption methods even back then..  
Anyway, nowadays (well near the end of the second decade of the second millennium, as I write this) email accounts are free and plentiful but with most people communicating either through their text/mobile numbers or social media. Despite such ease-of-access, few of us seem to be actually communicating anymore - now it's all about "selfies," what we're having for lunch, and political propaganda...

Roger J. Wendell
September, 2018




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