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December 02, 2020

I ran across your eclectic and enjoyable web presence today while looking for Pup N Taco stuff. There was a PNT at the corner of Colorado Blvd and La Rhoda Street in Eagle Rock (Los Angeles) which was sorta on the way home from high school for me in the mid 1960s. A couple of friends and I frequented it almost daily back then. I remember how disappointed I was when it became a Taco Bell some years later. It must be a good location because Taco Bell is still there.
But, more things of interest to me: The Coast Guard. My father was in the Coast Guard during WW2. He was on the mounted beach patrol stationed at Fort Funston in San Francisco. He was one of the last of the mounted beach patrol when that service was phased out toward the end of the war. He finished his wartime service as a cook's striker on a cutter in SF Bay. The stable where they kept their horses is still on the cliffs in Daly City, as is a couple of other landmarks related to the CG in WW2. He spent some of his time at a communications center in Sharps Park (Pacifica). It's still there. It looks like a small castle on a hillside overlooking the ocean.
And lastly, a few years ago one of my retirement projects was finally getting my Amateur Radio License (N7GZI). I've always had an interest in radios, and being in one form of emergency services, or another, my whole life, Ham came naturally when I started having radio withdrawal. I currently live in Buffalo, Wyoming, and most of my Ham activities revolve around a local club. UHF/VHF mostly with the occasional HF contact.
Anyway, I enjoyed looking at your web site.
Gar Jorgenson
Buffalo, Wyoming.



April 29, 2019

Hi -
Just a quick note to say "Thanks!" for your web pages. I stumbled on them looking for info on the Morse code speed record (congrats on your Coast Guard record!), which took me to QRP (and memories of DXing and passing my 5 wpm Novice test back in the late seventies and trying to scrounge parts for a 5w transmitter I found plans for in an ARRL Handbook of the day) and then to your page on Insects (my dad was an entomologist and we always had insects in the house) and from there to Deep Ecology. Great stuff. I enjoyed browsing through.
Mike Habeck



September 19, 2012

Gary Oakdale, Mn said: Roger I just stumbled unto your Q&Z signal page. That brought back memories. I was in the marines in the late 60's early 70's and we used them with teletype. Thanks for the memories



July 30, 2012

Randi - Phoenix, AZ said:
Hey Roger! It was awesome meeting you at the summit yesterday...you're quite the inspiration! Continue to have safe hikes...and stay clear of the lightning! youtu.be/66fpqgP1KyY



April 26, 2012

Anonymous said:
Wow, what a great site - THANK YOU!!!!!



March 7, 2012

Advice sought said:
I am too lazy to research everything on my own so I'm looking for *the* most pro-environmental person and/or organization I can find who/which is up to speed on current issues in Colorado. I'd like to be coached on how to comment/vote on certain matters. Any recommendations? I'm at [email protected] [ed. note: I provided some links and other info...]



February 6, 2012

Extra said:
Hi Roger. I came across your site looking for information on how many Extra class licenses have been issued. I see that you probably think there are too many! I just passed the Exams for Technician, General and Extra (without code, of course). I thought you would like to know that I have been practicing my dits and dahs and I fully intend to make contacts sending and copying code by hand!

Great site.



January 22, 2012

Mark - WU7F said:
Enjoyed your site. Love to see real science posted. Also sailed as Radio/Electronics Officer in merchant marines on container ships in Pacific in early 2000's. Everything was GMDSS by then, but I still had CW skeds on commercial and ham bands. Hope to catch you on the air. 73



January 10, 2012

Kristi said:
Hello Roger, I was wondering if you were ever a member of the Venice Yacht Club or Marina Yacht Club or the MarinaVenice Yacht Club. The reason I ask is that our By-Laws (are you an attorney perchance?) state: "SECTION 506. CONDUCT OF MEETINGS All meetings shall be conducted in accordance with Rogers Rules of Order, except to the extent where there may be a conflict with the By-Laws." I was told that when the YC was established in the 70's there were many Attorneys involved and they wrote the by-laws. I do not think that this was a "typo" and am attempting to establish that. 73, Kristi KJ6MOK [ed. note: Wrote her to say "nope," it wasn't me!]



January 01, 2012

James Finnesey said:
37 years ago today(1975) I departed Tracen Petaluma QRD NOX. I was there for 2 years. Happy New Year



September 27, 2011

Thanks, I really enjoyed your website. I found it ironic thaI was the 6666 th visitor to the site.

(Another ham!!!)

Max WA7B
From my Ipad



July 14, 2011

Hi Roger:

I just read your blog about Colorado, and it's amazing. Around this time of the year, I get quite homesick for Colorado. I grew up, and am now 50, in a town on the western slope called Olathe. I've become accustomed to Texas though since I've been here now since 1979. The two states I most admire in the this great United States, is Colorado, of course, and Montana, and, of course, I'd have to include Texas in those also, but to have lived in a state with such majestic mountains and canyons, it's quite difficult to compare Colorado to Texas, as there are NO mountains where I'm at. I live in West, Texas. That's not the western side of Texas, but a town with a population of about 5,000 in Central Texas. I do miss the summers in Ouray at that hot springs swimming pool, and the hiking which I thoroughly hated, and I told my father that while hiking up many a mountains, but there's no comparison for a childhood like that. I grew up loving the town of Aspen, but the last time I was there, I was disgusted and never went back. All the condos and those idiots from Hollywood have destroyed it. I do believe that the government officials in Colorado should have said early on, very early on, that no one will ever be able to build in certain areas of your beautiful state, but that didn't happen, and every time I get to come to Colorado, that rings true. Keep up with your good work on your blogging. I really enjoyed reading it. I found it when I was trying to find all the tunnels in Colorado, and got sidetracked somehow.

Thanks for listening.

Bonnie Lynn Green
Waco, Texas



August 17, 2010

I was doing a search and ran into your site.
Very nice.
Good also to see so many support QRP and CW.
Amazing what you can pit together in a few evenings and work some good DX with just a few watts.
All my 100 watt rigs are collecting dust:-)



March 07, 2010



I just fell into your morse code web site. Brings back old memories. I am a retired Navy RM. I served onboard NAVCAMS MED, NAVCAMS LANT, NAVCAMS WESTPAC and several ships, not to mention NAVCOMMSTA Nea Makri Greece, Sigonella, and Diego Garcia where I did some TAD times. I was a model 28 TTY repair guy. Oh, the memories.

Dale Brown
(Dale lives in Topsham Maine and has his own page on military.com)



February 22, 2010


Hello, Roger. What marvelous thoughts and experiences you have had! Thank you for sharing them with us upon the Web. Like you, my start in all of this was with a pair of Model 26 Teletype machines on a local loop that I encountered at the Los Angeles County Fair. Another kid who happened by and I got on and typed to each other for an hour or more. Fascinating. This would have taken place in the late fifties or early sixties.

Eventually I acquired an M28ASR and an M35ASR, and ran them on two meters for years, up until 1984 when the Macintosh came into existence. At that point ham radio took a back seat in my life. Only recently have I come back on the air.

I found one of your myriad web pages while "Googling" EIA 568B as I wanted to verify the wiring of an RJ-45 plug. It was there that I discovered so much more.

Tnx es 73,

Stan Coutant

Prof. S. O. Coutant, retired
Performing and Communication Arts
Pasadena City College



January 10, 2010

Hey Roger:

I Saw your video of the Grand Junction airport "Gate Guardians" on you tube. I also see from your website that you are interested in politics. The video you took of the F11 Grumman Tiger and A-6 Grumman Intruder was taken during a major facelift of the airport utilizing FAA grant monies and Obama stimulus grants.

I like looking at Gate Guardians as well and am certainly proud of ours, but maybe a little less proud. Those gate guardians had just been painted and placed back on the poles before your video. Airport management paid $55,000 of your tax money to paint not both, but just the Blue Angel. The A-6 cost $67,000 also of your tax money. To put that in perspective a small general aviation plane top of the line paint job might cost $10,000. Those airplanes don't fly. I think that the paint jobs for those airplanes could have cost less.

Next time you talk to a politician and they spout off about how efficiently they spend our money, throw this one on the table.


Dwain Watson
Grand Junction

YouTube Logo Click Here for the YouTube video of the gate guardians Dwain is referring to...



November 13, 2009

Hi Roger,

I discovered your site on animal hunting and you are a kindred spirit. I wanted to thank you personally for your work and would enjoy getting to know you. I have a "cause" on Facebook I just started called "STOP Sport Hunting - Hunting for Fun" My name is Paul Hester and I live in Jacksonville (Neptune Beach) and I am a retired naval officer. Hope this reaches you and you have time to write back.


Paul Hester
Neptune Beach, FL



October 17, 2009

Your website popped up during a search for Q&Z signals. I was a Navy CT "R" from 1964-68 and was stationed at Homestead AFB doing RDF and aboard the USS Oxford (AGTR-1) for a year in Vietnam. I'm "exposing" my 3-1/2-year-old grandaughter to the code with a couple of IPhone apps, a curious mix of technologies. Congratulations on a great site!


Prentice Slaten, CT2
Venice, CA

Sent from my iPhone



September 23, 2009

Hi Roger,

Congratulations on your having made this great webpage. Very interesting

Anyway you can be really proud of this page Roger. I love coming back and read now and again. It is hard to specify exactly what I like best in your page. I read everything .......And fine photos. It is a pleasure to visit such a good page. Keep your page on, please.

Yes, spearfishing is great. And good for keeping fit. Also very strict ethical rules. I am 53 and I have been keen on radio and spearfishing for 40 years. And also ecology, marine conservation, flight simulators, sea kayaking, off road navigation and rambling in remote areas.

I hope to chat one day Roger on HF. Or Echolink or Hamsphere/ this month new release www.hamsphere.com /


Tychy, Poland [Upper Silesia]

www.qsl.net/sp9hzx     http://republika.pl/spearo



April 17, 2009

Just wanted to compliment you on your website, your concerns for the environment and the nice Grand Canyon photos.

I have a photo site at www.tobycamera.com and try to run the Grand every year. The more I go, the more I see and realize that there is so much more to see.

Best wishes,




October 22, 2008

I Roger, I was visiting your website and am signing into your guestbook. I look forward to hiking and skiing with you again and see pictures of you and me on your website.

Steve, Green Mountain



September 25, 2008

I was very shocked to see your photo of a "typical African toilet" as I live in Africa & have never seen such a degrading loo!

Another shocker was the toilet found in Australia! They love pointing fingers at (South) Africa - I'm so pleased "our toilet" appears to be a slightly more updated model than theirs.

Interesting photos

Colleen R.



July 05, 2008

I was trying to find out the meaning and origin of '73's' and came up with your website. Could you help me on that one?

More importantly, I enjoyed what I have seen on your website and I've logged it so I can follow up in more detail. I was particularly interested to see info on Edward Abbey. I've a great ambition to visit Arches Valley. I know he said he didn't want people to swarm to the valley in response to his book but he wrote so well that it got a grip on me like nothing else I have read. I love walking and have a particular liking for dryish areas such as the South European Maquis.

John Cullen, Cork, Ireland (ex Liverpool)

[Note: I wrote John back and told him I didn't think Cactus Ed would mind, at this point, if he visited Arches National Park!]



May 30, 2008


  I stumbled onto your site while surfing for QRP pages. I'm very glad I 

  Besides the ham radio information, I really enjoy the eclectic nature 
of your part of cyberspace.

  Like you, I'm constantly fascinated by the world around me, everything 
from anaerobic bacteria to Zebras.

  Very good job!

   Steve M.
   Oil City, PA



April 10, 2008

Beautiful work on the website. I couldn't agree more with you on a lot of the issues. Keep up the great work and hopefully others will see our judgments and reasons.

You're most welcome to use the comment for your guest book page. I wish you the best. There will be one day when not believing in man-made global warming and evolution will be as absurd as refusing to believe the earth's spherical shape. Hopefully by that time it won't be too late to take back our actions. The message that you offer is a strong advocate towards the sustainable future.


Edmond Bardhi



April 10, 2008

Hi Roger

Your website pictures of your RCA point Reyes ES brought back a lot of memories for me - I worked at an Earth station in Benicia CA for ASC (American Satellite Co) later Contel ASC, which was called the San Francisco ES... The best job with a small group of folks... I miss it very much... I have a question, I just restored my Dad's Zenith Transoceanic 1000-D, It has LW 150-400khz and 2-4khz both say "maritime weather" are these broadcast segments part of history ???...I got that feeling when I read your bio of K...

Thanks for the info !

GREAT website

Don Cooley


April 03, 2008

Hi Roger. I just found your web site and totally agree with your concept on our perdicament. What can a poor girl do with out money and people power at this point in time. I am a gardener and think composting is important and good food production. Are you in touch with the relocalization group in Boulder? I lived there for 3 years but now Im in Ohio. You are a true activist. I am going to a nonviolence teach in tomorrow at a church downtown. Let me know of some of your ideas for getting youth involved in organizied work/games that quells the urge to be violent and act like a gangsta. Handguns are a real problem and no money for parks to get them involved. Well so much for now. Thanks for your time and wisdom.


Sheila A.



March 14, 2008

Beautiful work on the website. I couldn't agree more with you on a lot of the issues. Keep up the great work and hopefully others will see our judgments and reasons.

Edmond B.



March 03, 2008

Jutta Grünewald.jpg
Jutta Grünewald
Hi Roger,

was trying to "break" into your guestbook. Great site, infact I got lost in it looking for bladder stones ;-) I share your outdoor nature views and love jogging in the moonlight. added pic to make up for anonymous internet communication.

keep on defending evoluation and enjoy life.


PS. I think this is meant as a kind of appreciation for all the work you put into this dot.com wealth of info.

ed note: When I wrote Jutta back she responded with:
It really pleased me and warmed my heart that there are people like you out there (all's not lost?) though too few, too few. And also that you responded to someone you don't even know - not even through a website - so swift and nice. Thanks.



January 13, 2008

Subject: Another good bumper sticker

Seen on Rte 84 in Fishkill, NY:


Very interesting site -keep up the good work!


'seab' lyon - aa1my

bethel, maine, usa



January 10, 2008

I really enjoyed your trip diary and pictures from your Europe vacation. My husband and I had a mini-vacation in the UK earlier this year and seems like we went to a lot of the same places around London. It was fun to see your info organized by interesting observations that we had made as well, such as the cars and signs. It was funny to see the "Mind the Gap" signs and the elevator lady voice saying "Mind the door". We also saw a sign that you were missing that made us bust up laughing... near Trafalgar Square they have the sign "Humps for 50 meters."

Anyways, thanks for sharing with us strangers.

Candace Ruelas



January 04, 2008

Hi Roger!

I just had to write and tell you how much I am enjoying your website. I just love it! Unfortunately, I don't have an internet connection at home, so since I happened across your site, I have been using my lunch time to read all the great stuff you have there. There is just so much there! I have found so much information through the links, and I have only been to a few so far. All in all- great stuff, Roger! Thanks so much for putting it out there!

Diana McBee



January 02, 2008

Hello Roger.. aka WBØJNR:

                I found YOUR Web-site by accident...    WoW is all I can say...    For YOU to find time to produce so much info..!!!    Needless to say I don't have time to read em all.. .    I graduated from Ft. Devans Mass. U.S. Army Radio School in 1953 & then on to Europe for about 3 years..    Picked up my 20 wpm licenses back about in 68.. Both the Maritime 2nd Class Radio Telegraph and Amateur Extra.. Back When One had to go before an official FCC examiner...     Have Been a CW promoter always..!    "I shall return" who said that.. but I Will !!!    Keep Up The Great Work... 73 Geno --Long Retired--.. aka www.k0rj.com Detroit Lakes, Minnesota... P.S.    Enjoyed the Extra-Class-Lament ...



December 18, 2007


I was doing a search on toilets and came across your page - fascinating!! I can't figure out how the miners used their toilet and the grand canyon ones were wild - did you use every toilet you photographed?! Would have loved to have seen that LOL

In any case, great research - but why no Japanese toilets? I am Japanese and English...we have a DEFINITE toilet culture in Japan - even special toilet shoes!!!

Take care and I hope you get this email sometime!!!

Pearl from NJ



December 18, 2007


I love LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE your toilet pages!!
S [Sabrine Exupery, Oregon]



April 25, 2007

Hi Roger,

Love the website! Keep up the good work.

I thought I'd share a thought with you about recreational, or 'sport' hunting, and meat in general. [Stephanie's entire letter is available on my hunting page...]


Stephanie Barnes
Calgary, Alberta



April 06, 2007

I couldn't get your contact me to work on your web site but I had to tell you what a breath of fresh air your web site is... I go to many ham web sites and usually find X military preaching geo bush as god, god, flag, country in a bomb em, kill em all, fashion and yours offers a progressive, realistic rendition of the problems facing society today, especially the taboo, most obvious one of overpopulation.... Anyway thanks for the slim hope that there is "intelligent life on Earth".... I too am a "CW lives" ham and promote CW at ever opportunity.


Pueblo, CO




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    Ethel, in New Jersey, likes what she saw!







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