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Pup 'N' Taco Sign Pup 'N' Taco Letters and Comments!
In late 2002 I posted a couple pictures of my great uncle's former business, Pup 'N' Taco,
and was surprised at the number of customers who wrote to say how much they missed
the food! So, I've created these pages as a kind of memento of the family business...



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Privacy Note: If there's an identifiable name attached to any of these letters it's because the author gave me permission!


My husband and I were just talking about Pup 'n Taco from out childhoods. We are both from CA. Anyway, this prompted me to look up old pictures. I could have sworn there was a dog character in the logo or on the menus. But it seems that I just made this up in my head. I'm assuming because of the Pup portion of the name. Since there seems to be no dog/puppy associated with Pup 'n Taco, I was curious where "Pup" in the name originated from?
Hot Dog Jamilyn and I had a pleasant email exchange where I explained that the "Pup" represented a hot dog in the company's name and logo. However, I don't recall having seen a dog character in any rendition of the logo, menus, or advertising but I could have missed it if it was something the company had ever experimented with at one time or another...
- Roger J. Wendell
Pup 'N' Taco Hat
Hello Roger,
I just wanted to take a moment to THANK YOU for your Pup N Taco site! .....Such very fond memories as my brother and I regularly requested that our parents take us to the local Pup N Taco in the Bellflower/Artesia area beginning at the age of six or seven years old ( We are over 50 now). It was always a "special time" for us as my parents took us there immediately before they would regularly drop us off for a great time with our grandparents (close by) on a Friday or Saturday evening. My brother and I always ordered the same things because all three were out of this world, as far as we were concerned: A combination burrito, an order of french fries and a cherry or grape slush. Just the absolute ultimate "comfort" food! We continued to eat there until all of the locations were closed in Southern California.
Roger, you simply have no idea how many times over the years that my brother and I have reminisced or told others fondly about Pup N Taco--about how WONDERFUL it was and how successful it could be if it were still in existence today. I have no idea if this is possible, but my brother and I have always "wondered" if there was a way to get the recipe for the burrito meat/seasonings, so that we could make them for our families. There was simply no substitute for that incredible taste, then... or now! Anyway, I just wanted to let you know what a treasure your site was to me when I recently googled "Pup N Taco"! I will share it with my brother.
Best Regards,
Steve Winchell
March 27, 2017

Hi Roger, I just was following up on some curiosity from my childhood when I found your page, in particular the Pup n Taco page.

I was born in 1950 and lived up the street from your family on Thoreau Street. I remember what a big treat it was to go trick or treating in the neighborhood with the high point being fresh donuts at the Wendell's house. I also attended Temple Shalom in my youth which was located right next door to the Big Donut at Century and Normandie. We would always go over there for the reward of a donut when we had a break. The site of Temple Shalom later was sold, torn down and remade as a Pup n Taco.

As a further remembrance, my family stayed in the our same home on Thoreau Street long after most of the neighborhood changed in the "white flight" of the day. I went to Washington High School (now Washington Prep) from 1965 to 1968 when it was approximately 85% African American. My first real job was at the Big Donut, my childhood haunt, when I was 16 years old. I remember working with a woman names Ivy who was really nice to me and to the policemen who would drive through for coffee and donuts, but was very racist and demeaning toward black people. I was astounded at the time by the racist conversations between her and the policemen, particularly considering it had become a black neighborhood and that a large portion of my friends were black. It was a lifetime ago when I was just a kid who needed the money of a part time job and couldn't really confront any of that.

I remember the donut machine and the hot glazed donuts coming off the rack. We didn't know your family very well but made their acquaintance a number of times. I remember the Wendell family as being very nice and the Halloween donuts as being very generous. I have been able to impress some younger folk in Los Angeles with my knowledge of the Big Donut before it was Randy's Donuts.

I hope this note finds you well and enjoying a fine life in Colorado. I'm not trying to be intrusive with this note but I think I was a bit overcome with nostalgia for a time long past and thought I would communicate some of my memories with you.

All the best,

Glen xxxxxx
[email protected]

You absolutely can add my letter to your page, thanks.
One of my good memories is the "red star" on the receipt. When I told people they got a free food item and drink, it made for great customer service.
Thanks again for the memories!

(Two separate notes from Steve)

One of my good memories is working at a Pup 'N' Taco is Santa Monica. I was young, probably 16 or 17, but I had a great time working there. Just wanted to send a "wave" and say thanks to your family. I think I met your father once when he visited our store... he was a good guy! Thanks,.
Steve Woolston

Hi Roger,
I'm not sure if you have video or pictures from one of the California Pup N' Tacos back in the early 70's, I'm thinking 1973 or 74? I think I was four at the time and I made a commercial for Pup N' Taco. The details of the commercial are a little blurry but I do remember driving a little pedal car, placing an order for a hot dog and driving to the front of the store and taking a bite of the hot dog as a guy parachuted in front of me. It was up in the LA area somewhere, maybe Hermosa Beach? Any video or pictures would be appreciated. All the best, Shawn Sherwood.
Carlsbad, CA
Pup 'N Taco Drink Cup by Roger J. Wendell Pup 'N Taco Drink Cup by Roger J. Wendell Pup 'N Taco Drink Cup by Roger J. Wendell Pup 'N Taco Drink Cup by Roger J. Wendell
Dear Mr. Wendell:
I just came across your "Pup 'n' Taco" site, and holy cow... this is the answer to something that's been bugging me for YEARS! Back in the mid-to-late-70s (1977-79, I think?), I went through 4th and 5th grade at Immanuel Lutheran School over on Gold Ave. and Edith Blvd. in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and the school would actually allow students to walk over to the Pup'N'Taco at the corner of Route 66 and Edith for lunch. (Obviously, it was a much less paranoid age back then; there's no way that would happen nowadays!)
Well, fast-forward about three decades, and when the subject of "restaurants you never see anymore" would come up in conversation, I kept *trying* to think of the name of this place I used to go to when I was a kid in Albuquerque, and could not for the life of me remember what it was called! All I knew was that it was definitely a "(something) Taco" place, that it had a peaked yellow-and-red roof similar to (but not the same as) a Der Weinerschnitzel, and it wasn't a place I'd ever seen anywhere once we moved away from New Mexico in '79. I also remember that even as a kid, I really liked the hot sauce on the tacos...
Well, it finally occurred to me to use Google Street View to examine the area around Immanuel Lutheran to see if I could find it and HOLY CROW THAT'S THE PLACE! For some reason, my memories have it being a longer walk away from the school than that, but I imagine the distance seemed a lot longer to a 10-year-old who had to be there and back within 30 minutes or else.
Sad to know the whole chain disappeared less than a decade later, but at least it lives on in a little corner of the internet.
Gary Akins
eBay Item # 2913981588
February, 2003

Yo yo yo.. listen up.. up for auction here is a Re-released Vintage looking Trucker style hat from Pup n' Taco... now if you grew up in Southern CAlifornia in the 70's and early 80's, you probably remember eating at a pup n' taco... they were cheap and good.. they served Hot Dogs and Tacos... yeah I know it's a weird mix.. that is probably why they aren't around anymore... but if you want to represent some old school SoCal flavor, then you absolutely must own this hat !!! The hat is in good shape, and I do believe it is new. It has an adjustable band, and a mesh back to keep yer head cool while skatin' or just kickin' it on the stoop ! Good Luck, and Happy Bidding !! Thanks Pup 'N' Taco Hat

Dear Roger,
Thanks for creating and maintaining the Pup N Taco site. I loved eating there as a kid and it brings back great memories. My mom would give me $2 on Fridays after she got off of work, and I would walk to the Pup N Taco on the corner of Artesia Blvd. and Rindge Ln. in Redondo Beach. I could gorge myself for 2 bucks! Also, I will never forget the first time I heard the Beach Boys song "Fun, Fun, Fun", I was with my dad in his 57 Chevy convertible on some errand in L.A., near Hawthorne, California, and we came to an intersection where I saw a huge doughnut on top of a building. I remember as we sat at the light, that song came on the radio and my dad started telling me, again. how he had gone to high school with Brian and Dennis Wilson, and all I could do was stare at that giant doughnut, wondering if it was real!...great memories, thanks!
Joe D'Errico
Boise, Idaho
  Hot Dog
Hi Roger,

I am writing to say that the Pup n Taco page is a treat to read. Growing up in Milwaukee Wisconsin in the 1980's I can only imagine how cool it must have been to have a place like this at one disposal. I have a fascination with cooking and in particular Mexican American fast-food from this era. I know that might be odd to some folks but it reminds me of Taco Bell and Zantigo when I was young.

After reading over the letters that were posted some time ago I noticed that one individual asked if the taco meat recipe was still in the family. That leads me to the question of what did the taco meat taste like. I know that it was commented to have a unique flavor.

I know a lot of these recipes were classified as being secret, but is there any ingredient that you could share with me to put me on the right track for making a taco meat that isn't like all others. I have been working on a fast food taco meat recipe for years myself as a hobby.


And have a great day!

Mike B.
Wauwatosa, WI.

Thanks for the pup n taco links. I know it's stupid but it just is one of those things. I drove to Santa Barbara because Sambo's still exists. So yeah, I am certifiable. Pup was such a huge part of my childhood. I hate to see it just dissappear. Thanks again



04/25/2012 Mike Fischer wrote:

Pup 'N Taco Drink Cup by Roger J. Wendell Roger,

I remember the Pup N Taco in Garden Grove. Sure miss those Tacos and French fries. Simply the Best. I also remember a jingle on radio or TV that went something like this: "At Puppy's Pup N Taco we hope that we please you, Pup N Taco, Pup or Taco 29 cents drive-thru." Thanks for offering your WebPages dedicated to PNT. Sure brought back some fond memories. Mike

Pomona Pup 'N Taco Menu by Mark L. Hernandez circa 1975
Menu photo by Mark L. Hernandez
Hi Roger -
I just happen to be searching the web for Pup 'N Taco & I came across your blog about the drive-thru.
It brought back memories as I used to work at the one of the ones in Pomona Calif, near the corner of Indian Hill and Kingsley...it's now a Taco Bell, but the McDonald's next door is still there.
We used to trade food with the McDonald's crews - and I've attached the original menu that I still have from 1975.
The best was their Red Bean Burritos and their Chili-Burgers & Fries. The burgers were deep-fried, and I remember eating a dozen hot dogs during my lunch break.
I really miss the place.....Mark
Just ran across your Pup "N"Taco page. Thanks for reviving my memories. I worked at the Pup "N" Taco store at 7000 Westminster Blvd in Westminster Ca. for a year 1978-1979. That building is now a Tommy's. It was a fun time. I was the assistant manager there. My duties were training new employes,closing the store at night during the week and opening the store on Sundays. I remember having to wipe down the hoods above the cooking area with some kind of special oil rag,saving the pickle juice which we used to clean the concrete floors, and making the cash drops into the floor safe in the back office. Other memories of steaming the buns,pouring the potato pellets into the fry machine, and mashing the ground beef. The guys wore black pants and white shirts and the girls were all in white. We all wore the paper hats. The big promotion was 3 hot dogs or tacos for 99 cents. I still sing that jingle from time to time. Thanks Again.

Ken Carradine
Cypress, Ca.


Dear Roger,

I stumbled upon your website and it brought back delicious memories of the Pup n Taco on Pico in Los Angeles. I think I was there every day after school because it was a hang out for jr and senior high kids. But I was really addicted to the tacos, tostadas, and green chili burritos.

Me and my sister would walk there after practice every weekend. I will always have found memories of pup n taco....and I will never forget the commercial, "If you're tired of McDonalds and you don't know what to do Pup n Taco Pup n Taco. We got hamburgers, burritos, and chili burgers to...Pup n Taco Pup n Taco."

I'm so glad you have this website because it's not only the memory of Pup n Taco that's kept alive but a memory of simplier times in Southern California.

Best wishes,

Ally [Allyson]

Roger, thanks for the info on Pup n Taco.
My brother and I grew up on the tacos and hot dogs here in the valley.
Two quick questions for you.

Any idea what company made the mix for the best I have ever had slushes?
And I understand there are a few locations still open in other states, is
that true and do they still serve the same products?

Thanks for your help

Mike Young

[ed. note: I explained to Mike that "Frappe" was the mix used, at that time but that actual temperature and mix settings on the slush machine were equally important back then. Also explained that a similarly named restaurant still exists in Albuquerque but I don't know about their product line...]

Can you please open up another Pup & Taco
Alicia Jackson
Culver City, CA
Pup 'N' Taco Hat 09-07-2011

I frequently ate at the Canoga Park location on Topanga Canyon & Sherman Way when I was a teen. When I drove by my local Taco Bell today, I longed for a real taco, from Pup N Taco. Does the recipe for the ground beef mix still exist in your family's kitchen? I would really love to make something that came close to the PNT flavor. I have never found another restaurant that comes close.

Dave Hall
Porterville, CA

I just came across your Pup N Taco page. I was trying to explain to my 22 year old daughter what P n T was all about, you see, we were discussing the merits of various fast food joints and I threw a few old-mythic business names out there ( Tommys, Pup n Taco, Big DoNut, Coopers, Naugles etc.) and I googled the name. The memories just came rolling back. I attended Thomas Starr King junior high back in the early 70s, and there was a PnT on Fountain and Virgil in East Hollywood. My friends used to hop the fence at lunch time and walk over to it for lunch. So many kids were doing it that the school administration instituted a closed gate policy after a while. I told my daughter the tacos were better than taco bell, and the dogs better than weinerschnitzels....ahhhh, and how about that Texas Tomato Burger. Most of the Pup N taco huts are still there , they have been converted into other eateries. Our P N T has been "Eatin' High", a hippy Thai place, for the last 30 years. And one of the last Pioneer Chicken places just closed down the street, on Sunset and Fountain.....its too bad modern places dont have the personality and vibe the old places had. It was fun eating at P n T. Anyhow, thanks for the memories, and for helping me explain to my daughter about the good ol' days.

Rudy Zappa Martinez-
South Pasadena-


Pup 'N' Taco Hand Puppets Pup 'N' Taco Hand Puppets Pup 'N' Taco Hand Puppets

Hi Roger,

I ran across your website displaying the history of Pup N Taco and the Big Donut. My Grandfather Royal Stearns was very much a part of both chains. He worked with your Great Uncle Russell. He baked donuts for the Big Donut in Los Angeles and then he ran the Pup n Taco on Sherman Way in Reseda. I grew up at that Pup n Taco :) My grandfather passed away in 1970 suffering a heart attack while at the bank making his daily deposit. Everyone loved my Grandfather and it would be so awesome to hear from ANYONE who remembers him. His name was Royal Edward Stearns.

Thank you for creating the website. It sure brings back a lot of fond memories!!!!!!!

Lori Goniwicha

Hi Roger,

It would be wonderful if you posted my note on your letters page. I would love to hear from anyone who has memories of my grandfather. Thank you so much for your kind response. I would love to hear from your dad if he wouldn't mind sharing his memories of my grandfather.

Thank you so much again!!!!

Lori Goniwicha

Just sitting at my desk eating a Del Taco burrito when thoughts of Pup and Taco came to mind. Nothing compares!
Waiving Nurse provided with Susan's email

The chicken taco with sour cream was the best.

My cousins worked at various locations in the Los Angeles area.

But we used to meet at the Pup and Taco in Pomona to pig out!!

WOW do we miss them.

Nice to see your website.

Susan         LPN, CCE
Health and Nutrition Specialist
Tucson, AZ

Hi Roger,

Just happened onto your site. Dang, I miss Pup 'N' Taco! I visited the one at South and Norwalk in Artesia, CA several times a week from the early 1970s until I moved out of the area in 1980. I'd give anything (well, maybe $10) to sink my teeth into a Texas Tomato Burger again. I was sad to discover later on that it had been converted to an ordinary Taco Smell. It stands the same way today, in the reworked Pup 'N' Taco building. Naugles was another chain from that era that I miss. Mexican food mostly, also a drive through at a time when they were scarce, limited mostly to Pup and Der Wienerschnitzel. I worked at the McDonalds on Pioneer Boulevard in Artesia in the early 1970s and the corporation was dead set against the drive through concept at the time. Times have changed...

As you probably know, there are still several Big Donut locations intact with the donut reaching to the sky. Google the corner of Bellflower Boulevard and Arkansas Street in Bellflower, CA to witness one reuse as Bellflower Bagels. Still looks like a donut to me.

Thanks for your site!

Steve Schell, Long Beach, CA

Re: I miss it so...


My wife and I had a good laugh about your website, because for years she'd been putting up with my Los Angeles childhood stories about a mythical fast food restaurant that was sooooooo good named Pup N Taco. She didn't believe me, but here was the proof!!

Best bean burritos ever. And the mustard dogs weren't too bad either....

Kevin Vaillancourt

Jackie Cohen writes:

Re: We love Pup 'n' Taco!!!

Hi Roger,

We are all sitting here at work on a Friday afternoon reminiscing about old fast food restaurants--when all of the sudden one of my friends yelled out "remember Pup 'n' Taco?????" The entire room erupted in excitement! We rushed to look it up on the internet, longing to see the logo we all remember so well...we were sooooo happy to find your website with all your memorabilia. Thanks for keeping Pup 'n' Taco alive!!!! We miss it so much! Is there any way to buy any memorabilia? If not, we enjoyed this moment and wish you all the best.


All your little pups 'n' tacos at Oliver Peoples

Hi Roger.

Great Site,I worked at Pup and Taco in the mid seventies,I now live in Liverpool England,my home town.

I never ever throw things away,sad I know,I still have my badge,hat,time card,wage slips,instuction book that you got on the first day,also I and a few of my friends took an old super-8 movie camera to work one night and filmed the night shift inside the shop,the film showed what not to do on the shop floor,I am sure you get the picture.Can I still get in trouble for that now?(haha)

Anyway I still have the film from 1976,now on Video with music,brings back great memories.

Phil Johnson.

(Phil also provided copies of ingredients, and other printed materials, for PNT Photos page!)

The first jobs my brother and I had was working at the Pup n Taco location in Fountain Valley, CA in the early 70's. We still talk fondly of those memories today. When he saw that you had a web site he immediately contacted me as we reminisced about the good old days gone by. Thank you for posting it.

Back in the day we do not remember that new fangled hat that you mentioned on the site. What we remembered was the paper oblong hats that fell off, ripped and were mostly annoying. We also remembered the old way of calculating your meal tab. We wrote with grease pencil on a dry erase board, calculating tax and all then pressed the cash register buttons the calculated total then giving change by counting it back into the customers hands.

We laughed at the way we used to prepare the food. We fried the shells, shredded the lettuce and tomatoes by hand and made the meat patties by soaking them in beef broth. Wow, what memories! Our boss was an older gentleman named Frank, and he was a wise old man that didn't let anything get passed him. We all loved and admired him, he was more than an adult figurehead, he was a friend too.

Keep this site going, it's great to look back on!!

Sincerely a PnT fan,

Debbie Newberg Mullen
(Debbie also provided some great photos for my PNT Photos page!)

Pup 'N' Taco Newer Style Building I am 99% sure that the store called "Newer style building at an unidentified location in Los Angeles" is the Garden Grove, CA store on the corner of Harbor Blvd and Lampson. See the "Inge" sign in the Background? (looks like a large "I") That's still there! :) I used to stop at that store on my way back home from school (on Lampson) everyday. I think it was 19c for a pup or taco at the time, and they had those awesome slushes. Grape and Cherry. Great stuff. Bring Back Pup 'n' Taco.

This would be the late '70's. Disco was in full gear then. hehe

That store is still there (not sure if rebuilt or razed) as a Taco Bell now.

David Tognazzini
Los Angeles, CA


Back in the silly 70's I actually WORKED at the very Fountain Valley store where the three snapshots on your site were taken. We were trying a new concept of opening (there was a high school across the street, as I recall) in the morning, at 9:00. Sold a lot of fries (Good old Frispos! What ever happened to those?) and drinks, but not much else, as I recall.

I eventually ended up as the manager of store #62 in Hermosa Beach... Certainly miss the food to this day. Thanks for providing the fond memories, and for providing "proof" that a place called Pup 'n' Taco really existed! People look at me like I'm crazy whenever I mention it...


Steve Chisholm


Feel free to add my note to your page.

Further trivia: The Thornedale/Rosemead store in Pasadena was my very first "haunt" when I got my driver's license at age 16 ( in -gasp- 1969). We were RC Cola snobs, and a day didn't pass without driving to Pup 'N' Taco to get a tostada and a large RC, with extra ice...

Thanks again for firing up the "wayback machine"...

hi, roger. thank you SO much for putting up a pup n' taco website. this was my absolute favorite place to eat when i was growing up. i miss it so much - many happy memories ;) to this day i've never had better french fries... and i loved the slush drinks too.

i know this may sound like a strange request, but do you happen to know who supplied pnt with the french fries or if they're still available for sale? if i knew where to buy them and how to prepare them, i'd buy a ton and make them for my family from now on ;) hehe, that's how much i loved those fries.

also, do you know if any of the old merchandise (like that cool cap on your webpage) is available for sale? thanks again for your work and all the great memories. i hope i get a chance to hear from you. take care...

Jeff Davis
Glendale, CA

I just found your site and wanted to tell you that I was a big fan of Pup N Taco too. I miss them so very much. I can still taste their french fries. They also had the best hot dogs . I wish you could re-open them again. I'm so tired of the same old things to eat and Pup N Taco would be a great change, as long as the taste is the same of course. They were the best.

I wanted to add a comment in the letter section of you site, but you didn't have a place to do that, so I just thought I'd write you myself to let you know how I felt.

Rachel Holland

Great site. I used to work at the Pup 'n' Taco shop #67 in North Long Beach from September 1974 'till February 1978. It was my first job when I was 15 1/2 years old. I have some great memories. I remember terminology like:
  • "scrubbing the red" - had to go outside and scrub the red concrete patios before closing
  • "beating the meat" - ground beef cam in long tubes and it had to be mashed with a 2 foot long masher
  • "studding the steam table" - the steam table was the most important position because it set the pace, and you had to be good to work there
  • "drop 10" - cook 10lbs of ground beef
  • "stoners" - a reference to all the late night customers on Friday and Saturday after midnight, man we always got rushes before closing in the summer

I remember when that burger cooking invention for the deep fryer and super tacos were first introduced. I remember Russ Jordan, your dad and your uncle. I worked for a manager named Mike Pesta. My sister also worked there. They had a good assembly line type process. It truly was fast food made to order. We were proud of constantly keeping four orders on the boards at all times and cranking cars through every 20 to 30 seconds. I learned my first rule of business at P'n'T... "Never make anyone wait to give you their money".


Stephen Ferracioli

Dear Roger,

I'm so glad I "Googled" Pup N Taco, because I have never forgotten your delicious burgers.

In 1984, I was 13 and had major back surgery. I was in the Los Angeles Children's Hospital for two weeks and unable to eat solid food for the entire time.

While there, I had many cravings for different foods, donuts, cake, pancakes, pizza and of course cheeseburgers.

When I was finally allowed to go home, the first place I asked my mother to take me to was Pup N Taco. That cheeseburger never tasted so good.

Thanks for the great food!

Julie Gomez
Glendale, CA




[Ed. Note: Julie passed along some additonal good news saying her back and health were in pretty good shape after having had that surgey way back then!]

Dear Mr. Wendell,

Just the other day, I hit on your website dedicated to your family's former Pup 'N' Taco chain.

I was an employee in that chain more that 20 years ago. I merely wanted to say that in the late 70's during the Carter years, the employment outlook in Southern California was not that great. It was especially brutal for striving high school students interested in part-time work.

It was at that time that your company gave me a chance and offered a young man a little self worth and self esteem which has persevered to this day. Your company taught me the ethics of good, honest work.

During a period of 2-3 years, I recall working in 3 stores, two in Canoga Park, California, and one is Reseda, California.

Names and images of Jim Carson, Nabil Farag (a manager at the Canoga Park and Reseda locations), and Roger the District Manager, shall live in my memory forever. Sometimes I still hear their words that always tell me to do the right thing and believe in yourself.


Doug Fetters

Subject: LOVE THE SITE!!!

Dear Mr Wendell,

I was thrilled to see your site with all the Pup-n-Taco memorabillia! I have to say I search ebay for tidbits for it.. but never find anything!

I FONDLY remember going to PupNTaco in Santa Ana-- I remember it was near Katella Ave... and it was always a treat for me! ( and incentive for my mom.. to get me to go to Ballet lessons!)

I adored Grape Slush puppies and oh wow just everything!! I loved those hand puppets, I remember having those of my own!

WOW! If you ever are selling any of them, please let me know.. regardless of that -- thanks for the memories, delicous food and making that part of my childhood fun to remember!


April Fried
fairfax va 22030

Logo April used in her Email

i love your site! i used to always eat at the pup n' taco in burbank, california!!!! any idea where i can find your fries? they were the best!!!!!!!!

anissa iverson
burbank, california!

Hey there, I'm a 33 year old male who lived in LA from 1978 to 1983 and I can still remember the flavors. I would always bug my parents to stop buy and always ordered a chili dog and taco (those tacos were among the best I've ever had and the chili dogs were great too). I had no idea the stores closed. I've been on the east coast since 84. Thanks for the memories. I always planned to get a pup n' taco if I made it back to LA but unfortunately I missed my chance.

Jesse McDonald

Hi , My name is Shellie. I now live in No Cali. No one in my family believed me when I told them about the Pup N Taco in used to go to in LA. Man, I loved that place! Anyway, driving home tonight I told them that I was sure that if I came home and did a internet search that I'd find something about PNT. And there you were :) Thanks for the memories :)

Clovis, California

Hi Roger, I passed the corner where Pup n Taco used to be when I was little and thought about the great chili dogs. I am not a big hot dog lover but I loved those Pup n Taco chili dogs... will you ever share any of the family recipes?  Thanks! Lorraine

Lorraine Lopez
Fountain Valley, California

 cant believe youve created this sight. Thanks...great memmories at the Garden Grove, Ca. location. Taco
on a bun, chile dogs, tacos, tostadoes on and on....Please
keep this site going.

And send me a chilie burger too please.

Matt Smick

Growing up in the 60s in Los Angeles I remember Pup 'n Taco well. And fondly. Anybody remember a competitor called the "Pampered Pup" with a poodle logo, located at Hollywood and Western? To the best of my knowledge it was not a chain, however. What wonderful memories! To those new to this site, let me tell you there was not one student at Hollywood High who didn't hit a Pup 'n Taco at least twice a week.

Robert McArthur
Mar Vista

As a kid growing up in Pasadena in the '60's, we used to eat at the restaurant on Lake Avenue in Pasadena, CA. I remember on days when my Mom was sick, my Dad would come home with 20 or 30 tacos for my brothers and I and that would be dinner, along with glasses of milk (soda pop was allowed only on special occasions). Sometimes on weekends, I'd ride my bike to the restaurant and buy myself a hot dog (and a surreptitious coke) just for fun.

A friend of mine found your website and mailed the link after we were reminiscing about old tunes, old restaurants, and the old times that surrounded them.

Best wishes.

Ron Lopez
Modesto, CA

MY GOD WHAT MEMORIES.... There was nothing better than going to PNT late at night and getting one of those good greasy Pastrami sandwiches...and a cherry slush. Good food and very cheap...my goodness I really miss that place. I use to go to the PNT in Pomona, Ca right near Indian Hill I believe the street name was. It was behind a McDonalds , a mexican restraunt and the Wherehouse music store. I now live in Atlanta, GA and I went to a place out here called the Varsity with my future wife. We ordered the naked dog and then I added mustard to it and when I did I said to her..."this tastes like a mustard dog from Pup N Taco". She thought I was kidding about the name of the place so I then proceeded to tell her all about it. The last time I ate at Pnt was at the location in Long Beach on 7th and Ximeno, shortly after that the evil Taco Bell took over and thus a part of my childhood was taken along with it. Thanks for the site..it sure was good eatin.

Brett Shepherd Atlanta, GA

Dear Mr. Wendell,

Pup n' Taco is one of my fondest memories from childhood. I started on McDonald's and Steak n' Shake where I was born in the Midwest. Though they were good, I didn't really understand how good fast food could be until I moved to LA when I was six in 1971, and discovered Pup n' Taco down the street from my house on Venice Boulevard.

If I remember correctly it was nearby to another favorite takeout place of my mother's, The Canton Kitchen. We would often argue over which place to stop at. It seemed to me that life just wasn't worth living without a chili dog, or two or three chili dogs. I've never had a better chili dog regardless of price. But I remember they were only $.15 which eventually went up to $.19. I could've lived on those chili dogs and nothing else. It was something about the way the chili combined with those good buns and the hot dog to create something truly magical in your mouth, something that's never been equaled in my mind.

How sad that Pup n' Taco is now a thing of the past. There's no comparison to the food you get from Taco Bell or any other fast food place for that matter. I guess it's true what they say, anything that great can never last.


Aaron B. Brown

PS I was wondering about the recipes, if you saved those over the years. I think if someone opened up a Pup n' Taco today it would be fabulous. Have you ever explored this possibility?


I'm glad I found your site. I remember Pup n' Taco as a fond memory. I frequented the one formerly located on the corner of Ximeno and 7th Street in Long Beach Califonia. Eventually it became a Taco Bell and finally the land it was located on was taken over by Wilson Highschool (where I graduated in 1985). The tacos and dogs were great. But, the chili burgers were the best!

The closest thing nowadays, is Tommy's burgers, Del Taco, and Weiner Schnitzel. That's three stops I have to makeLOL! On another humorous note. Whenever I mention Pup n' Taco, people usually assume I mean to say Weiner Schnitzel. "Nooooo" I reply, rolling my eyes. "Pup n' Taaaco." I say. Ahh memories.

Thanks for the great food and the good memories!

James Boner


Oh My God, I so remember this great place. There used to be on in Downey, Ca on the corner of Paramount Blvd and Stewart & Gray Road. EVERY day after school my friends and I would stop there and get a root beer and French fries (because you had the best) and talk. So many times I would go home and no be hungry for dinner and my parents never knew why. I truly wish you "guys" could have stayed around. The food you guys made is so much better than Taco Bell. Since Taco Bell took over, I have lost my taste for Mexican fast food "taco bell" style.


Jill Sarandis

Mr. Wendell,

Living in LA I run across lots of transplants who never had the experience of enjoying a hot dog, taco, fries, and slushie from Pup N' Taco. Trying to explain this odd fusion of fare was always fun for me. There was one located at the corner of Tampa and Saticoy in Reseda, CA. In was on my direct route to and from school. I can't tell you how many times I would forego lunch at school just so I could go to Pup N' Taco on my way home from school. That has now turned into a Del Taco after previously being a Taco Bell. I can't tell you how much I wish it still was a Pup N' Taco. At least it will always be a Pup N' Taco to me. After reading some of the previous letters sent to you, I'm glad some one mentioned the fries specifically. Since 1984 I have yet to find something comparable.

Thank You for adding to the great memories of my childhood.

Adam Kliggy


     My name is Jim and I found your "Pup-N-Taco" web site the other day. I used to live in the L.A. area when I was a kid back in the 70's. My Mom and I loved to go pick up some food at Pup-N-Taco and then eat at the park. We moved away from the L.A. area and there were no Pup-N-Taco restaurants anywhere near our new home (that should have been cause enough to move back to L.A.) . I' ve been back to L.A. a couple of times, but Pup-N-Taco was gone! I loved that place. I guess I can say that Pup-N-Taco was around in the "good old days." I was very pleased to see that there is a Pup-N-Taco web site. Pup-N-Taco might be gone, but it isn't forgotten! Thank you for taking the time to put together a Pup-N-Taco web site for people to enjoy.

-Jim Gray

Just on a whim I've rediscovered a long buried memory of my childhood. I remember being driven past the Pup-n-Taco on 223rd and Main St. in Carson, CA, on my way to elementary school daily. Suddenly, the logo and colors that were kitsch are now trendy, and I'm thrilled to see the chain live on online.

Harold Aranda

Houston, TX

What a great surprise not only to see the website but to see my BROTHER's comment (he is Harold from Texas) on your Letters page!!!

I remember PnT well, and how much my brother and I would squeal with delight when my mom, in her silver Toyota Corolla (circa 1972), would pull in, we knew she gave in to our "pleeeeeeeeeeeese can we co to Pup 'n" Taco?" cries. I miss PnT so very much and now I have something to reminisce with my brother when he gets married this fall. I'm grateful for the good memories I had there and hope one day my kids will be able to have a place like PnT that they'll be excited about!

Liliana Aranda
San Francisco


       Just a note to thank you for your PnT page. I grew up in Long Beach and always ate at the PnT at Los Coyotes and Clark. I moved to Whittier and ate at the PnT at La Mirada and Leffingwell. If you or anyone else re-opens the chain, I'll be there! I saw on your page the eBay ad for the orange PnT hat. I would love to buy one. I'll keep watching your page for new photos or memorabilia. Thank You.


Hi Roger,

I was reading the letters, and I too remember Pup 'N' Taco (Normandie and Century) when I was a little girl. I thought and still think that Pup 'N' Taco had the best Chili Dogs around. I was online researching the infamous Pink's, and thought back to Pup 'N' Taco. Do you ever think you would open another location in Southern California again? According to the letters I know we'd all love that!

I miss Pup 'N' Taco.

Kanisa DeBase

Mr. Wendell, I was just thinking about going out for hot dogs and just thought about how when i was a kid back in the early 70's how my mom took me to eat at your place all the time. So i just did a search on "Pup n' Taco" and your page came up, and seeing the old signs and taco sauce pictures just brought back dormant images in my head 30 years ago! The one thing i will always remember about your food was how darn good your fries were!! Your fries were the best, the crinkle cut fries that "stuck" to each other were so delicious, and your hot dogs were better than anything out there today! Coincidently, Carl's Jr. had fries like that, but yours were better i thought.... Needless to say, Carl's stopped making them that way and now their fries are very bland like the others.... Anyway, thank you very much for the site, PuP n' Taco will NEVER BE FORGOTTON by me, or my family.

p.s. I always went to your Gardena Location on Western Av

John R.
Redondo Beach, CA
Pup 'N Taco Drink Cup by Roger J. Wendell Pup 'N Taco Drink Cup by Roger J. Wendell Pup 'N Taco Drink Cup by Roger J. Wendell Pup 'N Taco Drink Cup by Roger J. Wendell

Hi Mr. Wendell, I was just traveling down memeory lane (fast food) when I stumbled upon your website. When I was a kid I always would look forward to stopping by PnT in Corona and grabbing some chili dogs and slushies. I was really disappointed to see them go.


hello i am 32yo male that grew up in south Los Angeles and as a child i was a big pup n taco fan i really hated to see you guys go. my older sister was a taco bell person and when me and my Mom would pick her up from Carson high she would always want taco bell. so my Mom had to stop at both restaurants you guys was the best. and the only fast food joint in Carson who had grape soda with a beef burrito the BOMB!!!!!! your site brought me back to a lot of happier memories. Take care. MAD9.
Hello there,

I was a big fan of Pup 'N' Taco when I was kid and was really sad to see it go under. There is a "Pop 'N' Taco" in Albuquerque, NM that still remains - the sign appears to be similar to the old "Pup 'N' Taco" signs - is this one that remains that had to change its name slightly? Also, I would be interested if you had any old Pup 'N' Taco memorabilia that might be left over as I would like to collect some... Thanks!



Just wanted to say "thank you" I grew up in Eagle Rock, California in the '70 and Pup N Taco was my fav place to hang out in my high school days. My brothers both worked there and it WAS the most popular place to be, not to mention the best fast food in town. A friend of mine sent me your home page, and I will thank him for doing so. We talk about PnT all the time. We have such fond memories of that place and both are very disappointed that it not longer exist. Our thanks go out to your family for giving us fond memories of our past.

Thanks for the web site with the pics - I grew up in Eagle Rock, CA about 1/2 mile from a PNT - I recently attended my 25-year HS reunion (Eagle Rock High of course !), and me and an old friend talked about how we used to stop at PNT everyday - oh, man, they had the BEST pastrami sandwiches - mmm mmm good !

I know that taco bell (at least I think) bought the actual locations (land, buildings), but the PNT concept seemed to just die out - is that true ?

Again, thanks for taking the time to post those pictures - our town has in some ways kept it's old nostalgia, but the PNT has been gone for many, many years, and that's sad - it was a great place.


Hey there, I have so been missing the Pup.....I always talk about throwing down some burgers, dogs and fries. I had one just up the block from me and ate there all the time. I was hoping to find one still open so I thought I would check the net, but I guess that's not the case. Why don't you and the fam start it up again!!.....Have a good one.



i was researching big donut and came across pup n taco, as well. had no idea of the family connection. we used to go through a BD near Gardena - a drive thru - then later my brother and i used to go for the chili dogs at pup n taco on western in gardena. i somewhat recall a special ice drink we used to but\y, but may have that wrong. i drove by that old pup n taco last week; we used to go after church. thanks for the site and memories. mike sugimoto


What a great site. I remember the Eagle Rock, CA Pup N Taco well. It is now a Taco Bell still using the same un-remodled building as it only has a drive thru. I also remember going to the Pup N Taco on Fountain Ave near Hoover in East Hollywood. In about 1979-84 I used to have big 60's convertibles and the Fountain Ave had such a tiny drive thru lane you could barely turn the corner of the building without driving across the sidewalk to get to the window. That location is now a Thai Rest using basically the same building, only a small extention was added where the tiny drive thru lane was. I still get vivid memories every time I go by there now as a 47 year old.

Taco Bell's food is so-so Del Taco is closer to what your family served back then. I really miss how simple life and pleasures were back then, nothing is that simple nowadays. Thanks for the memories and all the great pics on your website.

Derek Anthony
Silverlake-East Hollywood, CA



What a blast to read the comments about my all-time favorite fast-food place, Pup 'n' Taco! I lived in Anaheim in the late 60's - early 70's, and nearly every Saturday I would hop on my Schwinn Lemon Peeler and pedal to Pup 'n' Taco, where I'd order four tacos, then carefully grasp the bag between my hand and the handlebars as I rode home to enjoy them. The Anaheim Pup 'n' Taco was west of East Street, I think on Lincoln Avenue, but possibly on Broadway (it's been a long time). The flavor of the taco meat remains my gold standard, and every time I bite into a bland Taco Bell taco I wax nostalgic over the wonderful flavor of those Pup 'n' Taco gems (OK--they were sometimes a bit greasy, but oh were they good). Regards,

Steve Pachuta
Eagan, Minnesota


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