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  1. A repudiation or denial of responsibility or connection.
  2. Law. A renunciation of one's right or claim.

[Middle English, denial of a feudal claim, from Anglo-Norman desclaimer, to disclaim, denial of a feudal claim. See disclaim.]



Okay, I make every effort to maintain truth and accuracy on my web pages. And, yes, I do have strong feelings (OPINIONS) about the environment, politics, and the human condition in general. Nevertheless, I'm not an expert (in anything!) so you simply can't rely on the information I've presented on any of my pages. (I've authored over 500 of 'em...)
Additionally, since these pages are a part-time avocation, I don't have the resources to check every link, fact, or suggestion for accuracy or timeliness. In fact, I often provide links for sites that I have philosophical differences with. (I do this because I am not afraid of different opinions, plus, Sun Tzu reminded us about a "hundred battles...")
Either way, I really do believe in the opinions I've espoused but still want to caution you against relying on any of the information I've presented on these pages. The main point is to think for yourself, always do the right thing, and never harm anyone, anything, or any being!
- Roger J. Wendell




Oh, and here's something that I usually add to my climbing and outdoors pages:

Warning! Climbing, mountaineering, and backcountry skiing are dangerous and can seriously injure or kill you. By further exploring this web site you acknowledge that the information presented here may be out of date or incorrect, and you agree not to hold the author responsible for any damages, injuries, or death arising from any use of this resource. Please thoroughly investigate any mountain before attempting to climb it, and do not substitute this web site for experience, training, and recognizing your limitations!




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