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Kremlin Museum in Moscow, Russia by Roger J. Wendell - 09-06-2011 РОССИЯ:
Москва и Камчатка
(RUSSIA: Moscow and Kamchatka)



We must never forget that Russia and China are our adversaries.
Don't be mistaken, they are not our friends nor will they ever be...


U.S. Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, in a speach before the Czech Republic's Lower House on March 28, 2018:

"Russia has violated its international norms with its aggression against our closest allies in eastern Europe. More furtively, it spreads disinformation and engages in cyberattacks. It meddles in elections throughout Europe as it did in the United States. Russia does not share our interests or our values; if anything it is seeking to undermine those values. We must see this for what it is."


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I am way behind in posting pix from my trip for this page but will get to it sometime soon!


In August/September 2011 I paticipated in a CMC group trip to the "Land of Ice and Fire" in Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula. The adventure started at Denver's International Airport where we flew to New York JFK, Moscow's Sheremetyevo International Airport, and then the Yelizovo Airport in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Kamchatka Krai. This portion of the trip, alone, required about 20 hours of flying through 18 different time zones - half of which were just in Russia itself!

Once established in Kamchatka, we traveled to the parks and volcanoes over some of the planet's most difficult roads in a converted Soviet military truck that featured a small-block V-8 and some extremely low (and needed!) "granny" gears. Our explorations included hot springs, bubbling mud-pots, fumaroles, permanent snow fields, glaciers, crater rims and volcano summits. Accommodations included some very comfortable hotels, hostels, cottages, and extended tent camping.

Although over half our trip was spent in the wilderness and parks we were also fortunate to experience various culture presentations, museums, and local shopping throughout Petropavlovsk itself. And, of course, with a few days layover in Moscow, on our way home, we were able to take time to enjoy a lot of that city's historical offerings, parks, shops, and dining. I, myself, was completely enamored with Moscow's "Metro" (subway system) and made at least 15 trips as 28 Rubles each (less than one U.S. dollar).

Obviously traveling the length of Russia was a grand adventure. Nevertheless, I'd advise caution for anyone undertaking such travels as Russia, like a number of other countries around the world, is a corrupt, dishonest, and a politically dangerous place...

- Roger J. Wendell


A note about the collapse of the Soviet Union:

Okay, I know I'm far from being an expert on Russia but I did study their language, in college, and have watched their country closely my entire life. Although socialism and communism aren't sustainable, it was with surprise that I watched the USSR survive so long (69 years). So, although they were destined to collapse under the weight of their own incompetency and corruption it actually took President Ronald Reagan to push them in the right direction. However, although very much debilitated after the 1989 collapse, it was clear Russia was on the rise after the second millenium. Rich in natural resources, a sometimes strong alliance with China, and a determination to beat the leftist weaklings in the west, Russia will be a force to be reconned with for decades to come. With our own society spiraling down into a pool of lethargy, immorality, and twisted leftist ethics it'll be difficult for us to keep Russia and other adversaries in check...




YouTube Logo Click Here for a YouTube video of smoke billowing out of Gorely Volcano in Kamchatka...





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