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Roger J. Wendell at Restaurant Chuana, Bolivia - 06-16-2013
Me and Maria at Restaurant Tambo-Chuaña near Chukura, Bolivia
New Zealand



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On May 10, 2021 Shoppers and staff at a New Zealand supermarket managed to stop a frenzied man from
hurting others after he stabbed four people in a random attack. Four people were severely wounded during
the rampage. A day after the attack, authorities said three of the injured had improved to a serious
but stable condition, while the fourth person was in a moderate condition. Police said they'd charged a
42-year-old man with four counts of attempted murder. Jacinda Ardern, the country's Prime Minister,
displayed her usual inability to properly address the situation.

In March, 2019, a mass murderer killed 50 innocent people in Christchurch. The killer was eventually
apprehended but the people of New Zealand didn't have the courage to sentence him to death. For shame...


During Fall, 2013, I drove from the southernmost point of the South Island (Maori; Te Waipounamu "the waters of greenstone") to the northern tip of the
North Island (Maori; Te Ika-a-Maui, "the fish of Maui"). It's been a busy decade, since then, so I hope to post the pix when time permits!




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