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Graduation Announcement by Amber
Announcement by Amber
Tami's 2005 Graduation!
On May 14, 2005 we celebrated Tami's graduation from
the University of Colorado. Tami earned a Bachelor of
Arts degree, in English Writing, with honors!



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Signs, Cake, and Brownies!

The cake is "Death by Chocolate" and the "T" is a vegetarian "mincemeat" pie made by Emma. The Gifts and brownies are from Tami's coworkers (PD2) and Emma's family.

Sign Says Honk for Tami! Honk Graduation Sign Emma gave Tami a Vegetarian Mincemeat Pie Death by Chocolate Cake Gifts from PD2 Graduation Brownies!


Tivoli Student Union:

Tami's graduation took place in front of the Tivoli Student Union on the Auraria campus. The Tivoli was founded in 1866 and was one of Denver's first breweries. Now, of course, it houses all kinds of businesses and student functions...

Tivoli Student Union Tivoli Student Union Tivoli Student Union


Waiting for the Start:

We arrived early to ensure good seating. It's obvious that good eyewear and reading are very important to our family...

Emma, Amber and Donna like to read... Amber and Donna Rogy, Emma and Amber Graduation Crowd
Emma and Amber Emma, Roger, Amber, Donna and Rogy Emma, Amber, Roger and Rogy Graduation Crowd



Photo at right includes retiring Chancellor James H. Shore and outgoing President Elizabeth Hoffman...
Tami Tami Chancellor Shore and President Hoffman


The Graduate:

Immediately begins accepting cell phone calls!
Tami and the cellphone Amber, Donna, Roger, Tami, Emma, Rogy Roger and Tami Tami at home



About 35 friends, family and coworkers met us for Pizza on Green Mountain. Dee did the decorating, Roger (your humble webmaster) did the ordering and Sue (Frontroom Pizza's manager) did the serving!

Tami also asked the webmaster if he remembered everyone's name! Sure! Here they are: Janet, Marshall, Dee, Dave, Terri, Pam, Scott, Krystal, Sam, Terri, Gloria, Janet, Theresa, Roger, Donna, Gerry, Mary, Janet, Roger, Emma, Tami, Denise, Randy, Luke, Natalie, and Nattie...

PD2 and You! Lots of Pizza Dee and Marshall Roger and Randy Scott, Rogy, and Emma
Looking at the Graduate Pam, Tami and Roger Pam and Roger Kids waiting for Pizza! Dee's decorations
The boys and their mom Dee loves salad! Saying goodbye Scott and Rogy A book on Australia!
Amber, Luke and Sue PD2 Nattie takes a sip! Dave The back of Amber's head...


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