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Las Animas County
and Longhorn Ranch, Colorado

Roger J. Wendell on top West Spanish Peak - 07-12-2015
West Spanish Peak, 4,155 metres (13,631 feet) - highest point in Las Animas County
Native Americans called this and the adjacent peak "Wahatoya" (Breasts of the Earth)
I love Las Animas County! It's the largest of Colorado's 64 counties and is located about 320 kilometres (200 miles) due south of the Denver Metro area. In my never-ending search for the perfect homestead I stumbled across Longhorn Ranch and a number of other rural communities throughout the county. Below are a few photos of things and places I've found interesting down there. Some of what attracts me to Longhorn Ranch, and other areas around the county, are their relative remoteness, wide-open spaces and clear skies. In the case of Longhorn Ranch, not only is it far away from messy cities, but it has no running water, no electricity, and no telephone service (unless you're high enough on a hill to reach a cellular telephone tower!)! How better to get away from it all!
- Roger J. Wendell, Dec '01



Entrance to Longhorn Ranch, Las Animas County, Colorado

Longhorn Ranch Entrance Signs


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County Sign
Welcome to the County
Longhorn Ranch Entrance Signs
Welcome to the ranch!
No Trespassing Tire
This lot was selling for $60k
Delhi Store
Nearest "Town"
County Road 88
Main Road
Santa Fe Trail Marker
Area history
Santa Fe Trail Historical Sign
The trail ran nearby
Iron Springs Sign
Local watering hole
Neighbor's house
Neighbor's house
Sofa Chair Overlook
A different neighbor's sofa chair...
Pinion Canyon Maneuver Site
Pinion Canyon is nearby...
Pinion Canyon Tank
National defense
Apishapa State Wildlife Area
Apishapa wildlife area
View from the Property
View from on top property
Hill Property
View into lot
Las Animas County Courthouse
County seat
Treasurer's Office
Treasurer's office

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Tax Notice for Real Estate Property Minteral Rights, Las Animas County - 2007 Don't forget to pay your taxes! This is a sample of a very small
bit of mineral rights in Las Animas County. Totalling 10 acres
the taxes were only $0.78 (78 cents!) for all of tax year 2006!!


Winter 1997/98:

Las Animas County, Colorado - 12-01-1997
Las Animas County
Las Animas County Road 88 - 12-01-1997
Las Animas County Road 88
Road to Longhorn Ranch, Colorado - 12-01-1997
Road to Longhorn Ranch
Comanche National Grasslands - 12-01-1997
Comanche National Grasslands
Pinion Canyon Maneuver Site, Colorado - 12-01-1997
Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site
Thatcher, Colorado - 12-01-1997
Thatcher, Colorado - 12-01-1997
Model, Colorado - 12-01-1997
Model Mercco - 12-01-1997
Model Mercco
Near Model, Colorado - 12-01-1997
Near Model





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