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Letters Unanswered

Letters Don't have the courage of your convictions to write me back? Or, are you simply too important or special to waste time responding to regular people/constituents like me? Maybe laziness is what stops you? Whatever the reason, I use this page to post letters I've written that didn't receive a response - who knows, maybe this small page of mine will help convince government officials, bureaucrats, and the economic elite that the rest of do care and deserve a response!



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Dan Caplis

Dan Caplis  
Two of Denver's most famous ambulance chasers, Dan Caplis and Craig Silverman, conduct a popular afternoon drive-time radio show that can be heard throughout central and northern Colorado. On September 2nd, 2008, I called into their show to ask about the irresponsibility of having five children at a time when not only was the economy starting to fail, but America's population was the third largest in the world and quickly growing to over a third billion. Specifically, I was referring to vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin and her huge family. Caplis, during my brief attempt to ask my question, giggled over my audio and then cut me off by saying that mine was a "...bizarre premise that it's irresponsible to have five kids - we have Kumbaya here." Craig Silverman, to his credit, said to Caplis, "I know you just cut Roger off and you were laughing throughout his call, but to me, again, that's something that can be talked about..."

On September 8th, just a few days later, I sent them both a letter requesting to be on the show again to ask my question. Of course neither had the courage to ever write back with any kind of response or answer...

[Ed. note: Caplis and Silverman were taken off the air at KHOW during the summer of 2012 - only to reappear on KNUS in early 2014...]




Betty Boyd

Betty Boyd Although I didn't know Boyd that well I always thought better of her. While campaigning for office she seemed available and concerned. But, like most politicians, it's probably just a facade - she was good at asking me for money or dropping an election sign off in my front yard but just couldn't get around to answering my letter and calls about that pesky little resolution that made a lot of headlines back in '09...

[Note: After Boyd was term-limited out of the state legislature she decided to run for Lakewood City Council in 2013. Despite a career in politics she lost by over 9 percentage points to Councilman Dave Weichman - obviously most voters were no more impressed with her than I was a few years earlier...]

President Pro Tempore
Colorado State Senator, District 21
Office Location: 200 E. Colfax
Denver, CO 80203
Capitol Phone: 303-866-4857
E-mail: betty.boyd.senate@state.co.us

February 03, 2009 Dear State Senator Boyd,

As I mentioned in my voicemail message, we've met a few times (in my Green Mountain neighborhood and at an environmental event) but I don't expect you to remember me with so many constituents.

Nevertheless, as a follow-up to my voicemail I'm writing to express my deep disappointment over the state Senate's recent passage of a resolution supporting Israel.

Anyone witnessing international events knows the past month has been horrible for the Palestinian people - they've been completely brutalized by Israel yet my country (and my own state no less) continues aiding and abetting Israel in its aggressions, theft of land, and control of Palestinian resources.

In my voicemail message I requested that the Colorado Senate make amends by creating a resolution that, at a minimum, shows support for Palestine but also condemns Israel for its brutality and occupation of lands it has no legitimate claim to.

I hope the Colorado Senate will immediately attend to this matter.



Roger J. Wendell




Jay Marvin

Exclamation Mark Bonus points and extra credit for Jay Marvin! On September 18, 2011 Jay wrote me a personal email answering the questions I had asked a decade earlier. I'll protect his privacy by not reproducing his letter, here, but can summarize it by saying that he's been in very poor health for a very long time now due to complications from back surgery. He also assured me that he was still a socialist and that he had earned very good ratings at WLS. His response to me was patient and polite so all I can say now is that Jay has my support again - thank you Jay Marvin!
Jay Marvin For many years Jay Marvin was a talkshow host on Denver's KHOW 630 AM station. He didn't do too well, there, so off he went to Chicago to try his luck. Unlucky for us, in the Denver area, was his return in the mid-2000s to Colorado where he ended up on KHOW's "Progressive" sister-station, AM760.

On April 4, 2008 Denver's Michael Roberts (Westword magazine) interviewed Marvin about his recent contract renewal at "Progressive" AM 760. Marvin, clearly never knowing what side of the political fence sells best, stated, "I'm getting more and more calls -- and more and more calls from independents and conservatives, which I've never had before. I think there are a lot of people out there who are looking for answers."

I hope someday Mr. Marvin answers the letter I wrote him, below, but I'm not holding my breath...

Mr. Jay Marvin
WLS Radio Chicago
September 20, 2000

Dear Jay,

It's been a long time since we've been able to hear you here in the
Denver area - your brand of entertainment has certainly been missed!

However, what won't be missed is your brand of ultra-conservative
right-wing politicking!  As you will recall, you were instrumental in
assisting with the election, and narrow win, of Colorado Governor Bill
Owens.  As a result, those of us who call this state home must now
endure government sanctioned Bible-beating,  increased population and
crowding, the decimation of our wilderness and wildlife, and the public
glorification of greed and avarice.

Your thoughtlessness and inability to reason has done a grave disservice
to those Coloradans who care about their home and quality of life.
Although I would encourage you to continue your career in entertainment,
I hope and pray your mindless babbling will never influence another
voter anywhere, ever again.


Roger J. Wendell
P.O. Box 460101
Aurora, Colorado 80046-0101





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