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Wooden (!) and other QSL Cards of interest:
(I Return QSL 100%!)



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Me and W6MRV!

Can you imagine the excitement of a 14-year-old not only working a class operator, like W6MRV, but then receiving a wooden QSL card! I'll have to say that W6MRV's QSL was probably the most unusual (and most valued!) QSL card I ever received. This was back in the days before the U.S. Postal Service used any automated equipment so I'm sure such a card wouldn't survive today's mail processing equipment - at least not for six cents!!
My CW QSO with W6MRV took place on August 2, 1970, back when I was still WN6CDA. Lou's
note on the front of the card confirms that our CW contact was made on 7.163 MC* (40 meters). In
the photo (below) you can still see the original 6 cent postage stamp attached to his wooded card.
*Hey, this was 1970 and MHz hadn't been "invented" yet!
W6MRV's wooden QSL card
W6MRV's wooden QSL card
6 Cents Postage on W6MRV's Wooden QSL Card
Six cents postage!
WN6CDA's QSL card - 1970
Here's the card I mailed to Louis
(It was 1970 and I was 14 years old).
Lou Perasso on the Left
In November 2008, about a decade after I created this QSL card page, Carl Champion wrote me from the Bay Area to say he knew and remembered Lou Perasso. Here's what Carl wrote me about W6MRV (With his permission):

Roger, I found the pic.

I was looking for something else and found it in a place I would not have guessed. Better to be lucky than smart! I have no idea who the second man is though. In the original photo you can see water in the background, could be S.F. bay and could be a picnic area at a place called Coyote Point- just a guess but it fits and popped into my mind as soon as I looked at the photo. The trees are young eucalyptus and Coyote Point is covered with this tree (now considered a "weed" by many). I remember discovering this photo several times over the past 40+ years and despite having no reason to keep it Lou was such a nice man, and invoked such good thoughts, I could not help but save it.

May God bless him.

Thanks for bringing a worthy man back into my mind Roger, Lou is deserving of rememberance.

Thanks, Carl C.


(posted with permission)
Hello Roger,
I came across an old QSL card from a guy I had a CW contact with when I was a Novice back in 1969. It was, and still is the most unusual QSL card I ever got. I decided to see if this ham was still around. Louis Perasso, W6MRV is deceased but during the research, I came across some info in Google that led me to your QRZ page and your e-mail address. The link in Google was to your own web page and cited the same thing about the QSL card for W6MRV that you received when you had a QSO in 1970 with Louis.
I could not help but to send you an e-mail re this same gentleman and the wooden QSL card I also got, and still have. I do not collect cards except I keep a few that represent something unusual or significant. I kept his and have it here right now on my radio station desk!
I got out the the hobby for many years but fairly active today on HF. Some VHF and UHF too including System Fusion digital C4FM mode but still passionate with HF. Just moved to a new place a few months back so the antenna farm is not really up yet but enough in the air to enjoy some QSO's here and there.
Just had to say howdy,
Gene Story / K7TXO
Dalton Gardens (Coeur d'Alene), Idaho




My own QSL cards since 1970!

WB0JNR's Early 2000s QSL Card
Early 2000s
WB0JNR's 1990s QSL Card
My 1990s card...
KH6JDO/WB0JNR's Mid 1970s QSL Card
Late 1970s
WB0JNR's Mid 1970s QSL Card
Mid 1970s
WN6CDA's QSL card - 1970
My first card in 1970, age 14


W6ZZM's QSL card The Station was located at the Coast Guard's Training Center ("TRACEN") near Petaluma, California and was mostly used by students from Radioman "A" School where I was a student in 1975. Click HERE to see photos of the station...


KH6UL QSL card
Back of KH6UL QSL card
KH6UL's 1975 QSL card - "Uncle Louie" was located at NAVCAMS EASTPAC near Wahiawa, Oahu, Hawaii. I was the station "manager" from about 1975 to 1977 (I was 19 years old at the time) - click Here to see some photos of the station plus a Navy newspaper article substantiating my claim to the manager's job!


K6LY QSL card - 1977 K6LY's 1977 QSL card - The Station was located at the Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey, California. As a Coast Guard Radioman from down the road (Coast Guard Group Station Monterey) I was allowed membership in the club a the time.


9TW QSL card QSL Card from Coast Guard Experimental Station
The first card, on the left, is 9TW's 1920s QSL card - This is from the collection of Ken Yarcho, a friend and climbing leader in the Colorado Mountain Club. Ken's father, Carl, was a Ham in Illinois, operating later out of Colorado as WØTW.

The second card is from when 9TW worked the Coast Guard's experimental station in 1924. (This QSL is also from the collection of Ken Yarcho, son of 9TW)


Colorado QRP Club's QSl card W0CQC and N0CQC - 2011 The Colorado QRP Club was started in 1994 by a dozen of us in the Denver Metro area. By the time this card was printed, in 2011, we had well over 900 members and I was keeping pretty darn busy as the club's treasurer and webmaster!




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Yellow Arrow Pointing Right Click Here for "Q" and "Z" signals
Yellow Arrow Pointing Right Click Here for my tribute to Morse telegraphy





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