Roger J. Wendell
Defending 3.8 Billion Years of Organic EvolutionSM

First licensed in 1970, Amateur Extra class license since 1982...
(I also hold a General Radio Telephone License)

Me at Coast Guard Club Station W6ZZM, 1975
My Radio
& Wallpaper:



QRPp Award 001    CQC 007    NAQCC 254    QRPp-I 381    ZUT 1363    FISTS 1501    QRP ARCI 3787    SOWP 4518m    Ten Ten 8704    QCWA 27635

I've always been a member of something:
Wallpaper's Origin Number & Other Info Date (s)
ARRL - American Radio Relay League 1970 - present
Armed Forces Day - Department of Defense Certificate of Merit for working MARS station WAR at 25 wpm Morse codeRadio Station WAR completed over 300 crossband CW QSOs that day...1977
Bicentennial WAS - The ARRL's award for those who Worked All States during our nation's 200th birthdayHundreds Issued1976
Coast Guard Club - Visit their 14300 KHz Net on Saturdays at 1700 UTCFounded by AD4PT1994
RCC - ARRL's Rag Chewers Club for a CW QSO over half-an-hour in lengthThousands Issued1970
EFT - Earth Friendly Technologies QRPp (less than one watt) Award # 11993
CQC - Colorado QRP Club # 71994
SSS - Simple Simplex Simpletons, Colorado Front Range 146.52 Chapter # 12R1988
S.C.A.T.S. - Southern California Amateur Transmitting Society's Bicentennial Award # 431976
Orange Juice - Proven Dedication to the Ten Meter Band # 1051974
Fire-Ball - Ten Meter CW 10mW Fraternity # 1861993
NAQCC - North American QRP CW Club # 2542004
Yodar Kritch - "I Work Ten Meters Only" Award # 3541974
Zombie - "We'll do what ever NorCal tells us to!" (Issued by NA5N at CQC's January, 1999 meeting in Denver) # 3801999
QRPp-I - QRPp International # 3812002
Louisiana Aligator - Ozone Amateur Radio Club, Inc. # 7361974
QRP-L - Email based Internet QRP Club # 10271997
City of Lights - "Ten Meters Turns us On" # 805 HC1985
Colorado Bighorn - Ten Meters # 8541987
U.S. Coast Guard CW Operators Association - ZUT! # 13631999 - 2004
1000-Mile-Per-Watt Club - Sponsored by QRP ARCI # 13951993
FISTS - Morse Preservation Society # 15011994
Colorado Centennial - 10-10 Chapter and Net # 27901988
QRP ARCI, Inc. - QRP Amateur Radio Club International is the Grandaddy of All QRP clubs - back then we had to agree to never run more than 100 watts! # 37871974
SOWP - Society of Wireless Pioneers Organization of the Professional "Brass-Pounder" # 4518-M1985
Ten-Ten International (10-10) - "You have to make contacts to get results!" # 87041972
MARAC - Mobile Amateur Radio Awards Club "Last County" CW Mobile Award # 103251990
QCWA - Quarter Century Wireless Association - 25 years of Hammin' # 276351995
General Radiotelphone Operator License (Formerly known as the First-Class Radiotelephone License) # PG-15-17460Lifetime
CB Radio Service Station License
R/C Radio Service Station License
# KBKD 937110-10-78
Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Permit
Non-Commercial Educational Broadcast
# No Number05-16-95


Norcal Zombie # 380 and Fire-Ball Fraternity # 186



10 milliwatts!


USCGC Chase Who holds the Coast Guard's record for receiving Morse code?  -  ME!

(I learned the code at age 14 by memorizing it out of a dictionary)

Coast Guard 40 wpm certificate.
Armed Forces Day 25 wpm certificate.
ARRL 20 wpm certificate.

Hand Key  Click on this hand key to hear real Morse code! (227k .wav file)

Ex - WN6CDA, at age 14, 1970
Ex - KH6JDO, Wahiawa, Oahu 1976
Amateur Extra Class license since June 1982
General Radiotelephone license since August 1990
Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Permit since 1995


Yellow Arrow Pointing Right Click Here for QRP and amateur radio!
Yellow Arrow Pointing Right Click Here for the International Morse code alphabet and phonetics
Yellow Arrow Pointing Right Click Here for "Q" and "Z" signals
Yellow Arrow Pointing Right Click Here for my tribute to Morse telegraphy



  1. Antennas!
  2. Club Stations
  3. Coast Guard
  4. Coast Guard Club and Amateur Radio Net
  5. CQC Colorado QRP Club
  6. CWCom Morse code over the Internet
  7. Extra Class Amateur Radio License
  8. FISTS The International Morse Preservation Society
  9. K9DE Learning and Using Morse code
  10. Memorizing Morse code by Wolf at 1728 Software Systems
  1. Maritme Radio
  2. Morse code - A Tribute to Morse Telegraphy!
  3. Morse Code Company
  4. NAQCC - North American QRP CW Club
  5. QRP and Amateur Radio
  6. QRPp Low Power Award
  7. QSL cards made of wood!
  8. Spark Gap info by John S. Belrose
  9. Spark Gap Recording from 1921 by VK7RO
  10. ZUT Coast Guard CW Operators Association


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