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Simple things YOU can do for the Earth:

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  1. Use a washable coffee mug
  2. Use a cloth bag for all shopping trips
  3. Write and print on used paper
  4. Replace incadescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent
  5. Ride the bus or carpool to work at least once per week
  6. Shop at a used clothing store
  7. Turn the thermostat on your water heater down to 120°
  8. Buy toilet paper that's manufactured from recycled paper
  9. Don't accept a straw with your drink at a restaurant
  10. Bring your own silverware and cloth napkin to a restaurant
  11. At home, replace paper napkins with cloth napkins
  12. Stop using outdoor electric "Bug Zappers"
  13. Don't buy a bigger home
  14. Don't buy a second home
  15. Don't buy a bigger car
  16. Don't buy a second car
Moderate Effort
  1. Purchase food that is locally grown and/or organic
  2. Decrease your time in the shower by 25%
  3. Air dry laundry at least one third of the year
  4. Buy grains, pastas, spices, oils and shampoo in bulk
  5. Purchase writing/printing paper that's manufactured from recycled materials
  6. For gift-giving consider homemade items (use recyled wrapping paper), coupons for personal services, or tickets to events
  7. Turn your thermostat to 68° or below when in the house and 55° or below when away from home or asleep
  8. Install and use ceiling fans (they can make a room feel up to 9° cooler)
  9. Ask your utility company for an energy audit
  10. Eat at least two meatless dinners each week
  11. Start a compost pile for your yard debris and food scraps
  12. Reduce watering your lawn
Serious Commitment
  1. Walk, bike, carpool or ride the bus to work and school
  2. Sell your car(s)
  3. Remove your driveway and plant a garden in its place
  4. Declare your yard a chemical-free zone
  5. Forgo pet ownership
  6. Shift to a vegetarian diet
  7. Eliminate disposable products from your home
  8. Hand wash clothing, when possible, rather than dry clean
  9. Replace part of your lawn with a garden, native plants, or xeriscape
  10. Move to a smaller home or rent out extra living space
  11. Write letter to companies letting them know why you do not purchase their excessively packaged products
  12. Commit to having no more than two children or even no children at all
  13. Regularly volunteer time/resources to protect the Earth





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