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This page is for those special things and ideas that I stumble across
that are Earth Friendly - good for us, nature, and the planet in general!

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Kenaf Greeting Card
We used this generic "Dragonfly" card for Mother's Day.
The printer's message, on the back of the card, was
enough to explain it all!

Dragonflies SAVE TREES

Paper can be made from any plant fiber, not just trees. We use tree-free alternatives like Kenaf whenever possible. This fibrous plant grows 15 feet in just five months, uses no harmful chemicals, in processing and is fully recyclable. Kenaf is grown here in North America - bringing income to framers and preserving our forests. We continue to strive toward the use of 100% tree-free paper. Unfortunately, it is a struggle to find it in the quantity and the quality we need. Every card purchase helps us to build a more consistent supply of tree-free paper, ultimately helping our forests to stay tree-full.

Tree-Free Greetings Keene, New Hampshire 2003 Wendy Wegener, Wild Apple #89000 Printed in Canada





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