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John Muir Although the Sierra Club has a great many of its own web pages I decided to feature them, here, as I had experienced so many decades of activism with them. As a teenager I had an interest in what the Sierra Club was doing but, of course, I had no money so simply watched from a distance. It wasn't until 1988 that I actually could afford to pay membership dues and involve myself in the club's conservation efforts. As you can see, further below, I was elected to a number of Sierra Club positions and began traveling around the west (including to their then San Francisco headquarters) to work on a variety of projects and campaigns.
HOWEVER, although I can't put my finger on the exact date (or year), the Sierra Club lost its way sometime in the 90s or around the millennium. It was sometime around that era that the club decided to stray from environmental protection to work on "social justice" issues. Additionally, they made a conscious decision to avoid addressing the single most important environmental threat, our huge overpopulation problem. Sadly, the Sierra Club's political correctness has cost the environment dearly. But, of course, their membership numbers have swelled and huge donations keep flowing-in from leftist millionaires and social justice warriors. I am ashamed of the Sierra Club and know that John Muir would be, too...

Some Sierra Club history in a nutshell: After their campaign for the successful creation of Yosemite National Park, journalist Robert Underwood Johnson encouraged naturalist John Muir to explore the idea of an "Association" to help protect the Sierra Nevada. Joined by artist William Keith, Joseph LeConte, David Starr Jordan and others preliminary meetings began with the eventual creation of the Sierra Club, in May of 1892. Muir was assisted by attorney Warren Olney a group of professors from the University of California at Berkley and Stanford University. John Muir was elected the Sierra Club's first president - a position he held until his death in 1914.



"Conservation is a cause that has no end.
There is no point at which we say, 'Our work is finished.'"
- Rachel Carson


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October '06 was a great Sierra Club month for me! In addition to hanging around with good activists, and fine friends, I was pleased to interview
Executive Director Carl Pope for KGNU. ALSO, Tami and I took a fantastic trip through the United Kingdom and were able to visit the birthplace
of Sierra Club founder John Muir in Dunbar, Scotland. These pictures, below, tell part of my October story:

Executive Director Carl Pope and Roger Wendell at the home of Jared Polis - 10-24-2006
Me and Carl Pope
Interview With Carl Pope

When Carl Pope attended a Sierra Club fundraiser at Jarod Polis' place in Boulder on October 24th, Rachel Carson Group ExComm member and activist Roger Wendell snagged him for an interview at KGNU (88.5 FM Boulder, 1390 AM Denver), where Roger does a radio show. You can listen to an MP3 recording of the interview right here!
      (From the November 2006 main web page of the Rocky Mountain Chapter)

Dan Disner and Roger Wendell at the home of Jared Polis - 10-24-2006
Me and Dan Disner

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Greg Casini, Susan LeFever, Roger J. Wendell, and Dan Disner - 10-30-2006
Greg, Susan, Roger & Dan
Greg Casini, Dan Disner, and Judy Johnson - 10-30-2006
Greg, Marsha, Dan, and Judy
Roger J. Wendell at John Muir's birthplace, Dunbar, Scotland - 10-12-2006
Roger and John Muir...
John Muir's birthplace, Dunbar, Scotland - 10-30-2006
John Muir's birthplace
John Muir Way, Southeast Coast of Scotland - 10-12-2006
Southeast Coast, Scotland


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On April 29-30, 2005 I volunteered for Treasurer's training at the Sierra Club's national
headquarters in San Francisco - there were 41 "students" and nearly two dozen presenters!

Building Entrance Me in the Lobby Hamilton Hamilton, in the photo at left,
makes another point for our class!
Past Officers Social Hour 41 Students 41 Sutdents
It was great training but I'll have to admit that exploring San Francisco was a blast!

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Sierra Club banner at Denver's Tears McFarlane House by Roger J. Wendell - 01-13-2002
My Chronicle of Philanthropy photo
For the Record:

I formally joined the Sierra Club in 1988 but had actually tried to get some dues money together at age 14 in the late 60s.  Due to a variety of distractions I didn't get involved for another two decades but am glad I finally did. Here are some Club activities I've been directly involved in over the years:

Rachel Carson Group (Rocky Mountain Chapter)
  • RCG ExCom Delegate - '02, '03
  • RCG Outings - '03, '04, '05
  • RCG Treasurer - '04, '05, '06, '07, '08, '09
  • RCG Webmaster - '03, '04, '05, '06, '07, '08, '09
Rocky Mountain Chapter (Colorado)
  • Co-Webmaster - '10
  • IT Committee - '08
  • RMC Earth Day Outreach (Larimer Square) - '92
  • RMC ExCom At-Large Member - '01
  • RMC Outings Chair - '98, '99, '00
  • RMC Outings Webmaster - '98, '99, '00, '01, '02, '03
  • RMC People's Fair Outreach - '98
  • RMC Retreat Entertainment - '97
  • RMC Secretary - '01, '02, '03
  • RMC Secretary's Webmaster - '04, '05, '06, '07, '08
High Plains Group (Rocky Mountain Chapter)
  • HPG Chair - '98
  • HPG Cherry Creek Spillway Campaign - '97
  • HPG Conservation Chair - '97
  • HPG ExCom Alternate - '97, '98, '99
  • HPG ExCom Delegate - '00, '01, '02
  • HPG mailing parties - '96, '97, '98, '99, '00
  • HPG Secretary - '99
  • HPG Trail Maintenance - '97, '98, '99
  • HPG Webmaster - '98, '99
  • Assisted the Sierra Club's State Committee for Civic Education in their nonpartisan,
    get-out-the-vote effort - November, 2006 (did phone banking and constructed door-hangers!)
  • I was a delegate to the Sierra Summit in September, 2005
  • Treasurer's Training - San Francisco, CA - April 29-30, 2005
  • Outdoor Leadership Workshop - Empire, CO - May 17-19, 2002
  • P&P mailing parties - '99, '00, '01, '02
  • Delegate to the Regional Gathering (Monument, Colorado) - '96
Sierra Club Community Service Award - Roger J. Wendell, December 10, 2005
I was honored to receive the Rocky Mountain Chapter's
Community Service Award on December 10, 2005!


2005 Rocky Mountain Chapter Ballot
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Roger Wendell Head Wound Sierra Club Outings Training - Colorado, 05-19-2002 Roger Wendell Head Wound Sierra Club Outings Training - Colorado, 05-19-2002
Outdoor leadership training
Sierra Club Temporary Tattoo Captain Paul Watson and Roger Wendell at the Sierra Summit in San Francisco - September, 2005
Captain Paul Watson and me
Dr. Alan Kuper and Roger Wendell at the Sierra Summit in San Francisco - September, 2005
Dr. Alan Kuper and me




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