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In January '08 I was clearly running out of storage space and bandwidth on the servers for my domain name. So, I decided to start rounding up my videos and placing 'em on YouTube with a direct link from this and a few other pages. I don't know how long YouTube will be able to handle the millions of videos it serves each day but I'll use this page and the main index until either YouTube or I collapse - whichever one does first!

Oh, I'll keep a couple videos on my own server, right here, but it shouldn't make much difference to you, gentle viewer!

- Roger J. Wendell
Golden, CO - February '08


Some of my own YouTube videos:

Dan and His Didgeridoo at the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, Colorado - 02-13-2008
  1. Didgeridoo on the Pearl Street Mall
  2. Backward Skiing with Amber on Copper Mountain
  3. Flushing a Toilet at 32,000 feet above Four Corners
  4. Skylink at the Dallas/Fort Worth international airport
  5. Typical Day on concourse B
  6. Birthday Message from atop Mt. Morrison, Colorado
  7. Avalanche Terrain - Stevens Gulch, Colorado
  8. Winter Campfire left unattended by an idiot in Grizzly Gulch, Colorado
  9. My Entire YouTube catalog...


Some of y favorite YouTube videos created by others:

YouTube Logo
  1. Belgium Train Station Dance
  2. Clumpy matter after the Big Bang
  3. I've Been Everywhere Man (Australian)
  4. Midnight Oil in concert
  5. Stand By Me
  6. Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
  7. We Are the Champions (Russian)




Video Fame!

I list here any videos I may appear in, or that I've created, that have gained some interest and exposure.
(My Photography page lists my more popular pix...) Part of my interview with Tim and Cindie Travis
about selling all of their possesions to embark on a worldwide bicycle tour!

Interview with Pictures with Roger Wendell and Tim and Cindie Travis from DownTheRoad org on Vimeo.



Leaf Peeping along the Marshall Pass Road in Chaffee County, Colorado
The Weather Channel, October 6, 2011 aired at 7:40 & 10:40 EST on their "Top five videos of the day..."





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