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Hearing Aids Audio

A compellation of the various recordings
I have scattered about my website and other servers!



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Voice-Mail Voice-Mail Like everybody else I receive a lot voice-mail (and email!) and pretty much apreciate all of it except for the occasional death threat or legal notice. For the civil stuff I try to protect your identity (unless you permit otherwise). For the not-so-civil stuff anything can happen - I post what might be of interest to listeners here:




Audio Phones Links:

  1. Art
  2. Audacity - The Free, Cross-Platform Sound Editor
  3. Books
  4. KGNU
  5. KGNU Two
  6. Media io - Online Audio Converter
  7. Movies
  1. Music
  2. Noise
  3. Photography
  4. Poetry
  5. QRP and amateur radio
  6. Videos
  7. Writing




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