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KGNU People's Fair Denver Outreach Roger J. Wendell & Erin Hamilton 06-02-2012
Me and Erin Hamilton at the People's Fair

Although KGNU has its own web page, I thought it interesting to feature them here as well. I became associated with the station as a music programmer in 1995. Since then I've been fortunate to conduct not only a great many music programs, but a variety of interviews for various news and public affairs programming. These have included programs like Friday morning Connections, Metro, Metro Arts, A Public Affair, the Thursday Evening Call-in Show, Hemishperes, Live from Penny Lane, How on Earth science show, It's The Economy, and others.
The volunteers, staff, and guests at KGNU have been instrumental in bringing a varity of diverse music and interesting topics to the public airwaves. I am grateful that the station has allowed me, on air, to pursue my passion for science, population issues, Deep Ecology, and other topics of interest to me (and my listeners!). However, on a cautionary note, KGNU (like all other broadcast outlets) must resist the urge to censor or inject bias into its news and interviews - regardless pressure from listeners and donors. The concept of a "community" radio station, where all can contribute, is a grand idea that is a wonderful alternative to what's normally available through commercial and public radio. Let's all work to keep bias and censorship out of radio - including KGNU...


"This is a short announcement to let everyone know that Cindie and I (Tim) recently did an interview with a Denver/Boulder
radio station KGNU. The show is called Metro and the interviewer is Roger Wendell. I think he is a very insightful host and
dug deeper into the less known aspects of out trip and also focuses on recent political/economic events."
- Tim Travis, author of The Road That Has No End: How we traded our ordinary lives for a global bicycle touring adventure.



Dave Ashton KGNU Volunteer Coordinator - 01-03-2013
KGNU: Community radio for Boulder and Denver, Colorado!

This page, along with my one on Acupuncture, is kind of an overflow from my main KGNU page! It's here that you'll find not only extra pix and information, but actually cut-and-pastes from stuff that was used for my show off KGNU's official site where we usually remove stuff immediately after a show. Either way, I hope you enjoy the page - it sure brings back fond memories for me!


KGNU Live on the Internet
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88.5 FM Boulder   Listener Call-in line: 303-442-4242
1390 AM Denver   Outside Calling Area: 800-737-3030
93.7 FM Nederland   Studio Line: 303-449-4885
98.7 FM Fort Collins   Comment Line: 303-447-9911


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Nancy Takkidena and Roger J. Wendell at KGNU - 04-13-2018
Me and Nancy Taddiken
Hannah Leigh Myers and Roger J. Wendell at KGNU - 04-13-2018
Me and Hannah Leigh Myers
Joel Edelstein (pictured further below) started producing a Friday morning show, on KGNU, called "War Talk," in January 1991. With the defeat of the Iraqi army, at the end of March that year, Joel changed the name of the show to "Peace Talk." Joel produced the show weekly until February, 1992, when he recruited four other volunteers who formed a collective to produce a new program with a new name, "Connections." [Ed note: I, myself, didn't join Connections until the end of the 90's but continued with them on a regular basis through the second decade of the second millennium...]


KGNU Connections Hosts at Tangerine in Boulder - 06-09-2017 Although I've conducted interviews for just about every program at KGNU, the bulk of my work has been with Friday morning "Connections." It's a rare occasion when all five Connections hosts can be in the same place at the same time but, as luck would have it, we were all able to meet at Boulder's Tangerine Restaurant on June 9, 2017. From left to right: Joel Edelstein, Hannah Leigh Myers, Kathy Partridge, me, and Duncan Campbell.


Morning Sound Alternative

I've had the pleasure of working with Meredith Carson for many years (decades?) at KGNU. Usually I'd "hand-off" the microphone on a Friday morning, after my "Connections" show, so that she could start her "Morning Sound Alternative" program with "Drift Away" (by Dobie Gray). I thank Meredith, here, for all the times my talk show interviews strayed a minute or two into her music program. Meredith is a class act and one of the most popular DJs at the station!




Making Primitive Fire

Shelley Schlender wrote:

Roger Wendell interviews Michael and Lorritta Slayton, who are longtime practitioners of primitive fire making and survival skills. Teaching at rendezvous, schools, and outdoors shows Michael and Lorritta have delighted thousands with their "Backup to the Bic" demonstrations - how to create a lifesaving fire during an emergency when matches and high-tech lighters won't do the trick. Primitive fire making focuses on very old, but tried and true ways of making fire. Today, Michael "Big Smoke" and Lorritta "Flint Woman" Slayton will teach us about Bow Drill Fire Sticks and the flint-and-steel methods for creating fire - assuring us that what we learn from the past will make us wiser for the future.




Roger at KGNU Roger at KGNU Connections, Friday morning, March 28, 2008:
Closing the Food Gap Resetting the Table in the Land of Plenty
Author Mark Winne was my in-studio guest that morning (this was at a time when world food prices, especially for
rice and other staples, were rising dramatically...)

On the KGNU site we wrote:

In preparation for the interview Roger undertook an unscientific sampling of grocery prices at two stores; one, a small store located in the heart of Denver's inner city and the other store (part of those famous chains!) out in the Lakewood suburb. Although not a nutritious sampling, Roger does eat this stuff (!) and provided the following price chart and comparisons after his purchase on Wednesday:


Grocery Item Inner City Price Suburb Price Percent Difference
Cheddar Cheese 8.0z/227g $3.53 $1.67 211%
Potato Chips 12.0z/340.2g $3.49 $2.50 40.0%
Fruit Pie 4.5z/128g $1.19 $1.00 19.0%
Vanilla Wafers 12.0z/340g $2.23 $2.19 1.8 %
Lemonade 64 Floz/1.89L $1.33 $1.69 -27.0%
Note: All items were the exact same weight/volume at both stores with the
cheddar cheese, potato chips, and fruit pie being the exact same brands...


Author Mark Winne
Author Mark Winne
Closing the Food Gap by Mark Winne
Closing the Food Gap
Denver Inner City Grocery Store
Inner city store
Roger's groceries...
Boulder co-op - 2006
Boulder co-op 2006




Sam Fuqua, Daniel Costella, holiday parties, etc!

Sam, our news director back then, gets ready for a trip to
Madegascar and Daniel was moving to the western slope!
And, of course, our annual holiday party is always a big hit!

Sam Fuqua and Roger J. Wendell at KGNU - 04-12-2007
Sam and me!
Sam Fuqua, Maeve Conran and Joanne Cole at KGNU - 04-12-2007
Sam, Maeve & Joanne
Sam Fuqua and Daniel Costello at KGNU - 04-12-2007
Sam and Daniel
KGNU Holiday Party on Thursday evening - 12-15-2011
Holiday party photo by Melody
If you click on the holiday photo, at left, you can search around a bit and find , Sam Fuqua, Shawna Sprowls, Nikki Kayser, Evan Perkins, Duncan Campbell, Brigitte Mars, Jill, Michael, Karen, 99, me, and a lot of other great volunteers!




Guest Comments:

By the time I created this second KGNU page I had interviewed well over 100 different guests - all of whom were very interesting but busy people. I usually try to call or email them, after the program, to let them know how it went, provide and audio link, and thank them for their time. Usually they call or write back with an additional thought or response so I'll try to post some of their comments here as time permits...




Yellow Arrow Pointing Right Audio from some of my past shows, news, promos, and listener comments:

Roger Wendell in the KGNU Program Guide - Fall 1999
Fall 1999 Program Guide




The Announcer's Test

This particular "announcers test" originated at Radio Central New York,
in the early 1940's, as a cold reading test given to prospective
radio talent to demonstrate their speaking ability:
Roger J. Wendell at KGNU's music library - 11-30-2018
Me in KGNU's music library
  • One hen
  • Two ducks
  • Three squawking geese
  • Four limerick oysters
  • Five corpulent porpoises
  • Six pair of Don Alversos tweezers
  • Seven thousand Macedonians in full battle array
  • Eight brass monkeys from the ancient sacred crypts of Egypt
  • Nine apathetic, sympathetic, diabetic, old men on roller skates with a marked propensity towards procrastination and sloth
  • Ten lyrical, spherical diabolical denizens of the deep who haul stall around the corner of the quo of the quay of the quivery, all at the same time.


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Twitter Kudos for Roger J. Wendell
Twitter Kudos for Roger J. Wendell
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Sierra Club Community Service Award - Roger J. Wendell, December 10, 2005
I was honored to receive the Rocky Mountain Chapter's
Community Service Award on December 10, 2005!





I don't necessarily endorse any or all of these links. However, I list 'em here for a variety of reasons; as alternative sources, exposure
to differing opinions, entertainment, new information, or (most importantly) Sun Tzu's reminder that you should know your enemy...

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